1. If a spotlight hits me in daylight, or a lighted arena, what happens?
2. What is the effect of a metal ramplate? How much damage does it take?
3. Does "sabot" rhyme with robot or dodo?
-- Dustin Andrews
Pueblo, CO

1. You take a bow. No, seriously, nothing happens.
2. 1 point of metal counts as 3 points of plastic in a ram. 3 points of damage will destroy 1 point of metal. No more than 1/2 of the metal on a side (round up!) may be destroyed in a single collision.
3. Actually, it rhymes with Bab-O.
-- KS

1. Is there any practical use for an Armored Beer Refrigerator?
2. What are the rules for jet-skis?
-- Jason Erb
Bethlehem, PA

1. Yes. It keeps your beer safe and cold.
2. A Boat Wars aquabike is the same thing as a jet-ski.

1. What happens in a head-on collision between two ramplated vehicles? Do they both take double damage? Half damage? Normal damage?
2. Are cyclists not protected by component armour or a windshell affected by burst effect weapons?
3. Can oversized vehicles still fire over cars and down on their tops?
4. If I fire a handweapon with AV ammo at a car with metal armour, do I still roll to see if I knock a point off?
5. Is a Plasticore tire immune to normal handweapons?
6. A grenade goes off next to a pickup carrying cargo. What armour, if any, protects the cargo?
7. How much damage does a brick of plastique do if used instead of a Kamibomb?
8. Can trucks still steamroll vehicles?
9. Is a discarded LAW debris or an obstacle?
10. How long does it take to clear mines or spikes off the road?
-- Jeff Suzuki
Fullerton, CA

1. Normal damage.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
4. Yes.
5. No.
6. The cargo gets full protection from all sides except above.
7. Who says you can use plastique instead of a Kamibomb ?
8. Yes. This rule is back in CWCII.
9. Neither. A LAW is a light plastic shell a little smaller than a baseball bat. It can be broken over your knee ... it 's no obstacle to a three-ton car.
10. There are no official rules for this, but the system you suggested of 1/2 man hour per counter (so, for example, 10 persons could clear five counters in 15 minutes) sounds good to us. Modifiers for oil, ice, etc. are up to the referee.
-- KS

1. If a boat with metal armour is hit by a weapon which penetrates the metal but doesn't destroy it, does that side leak?
2. How much damage do the guns in the truck stop do now that tank guns do 8d?
3. Can field carriages, AA mounts, EWP, tripods and car-top carriers be made with CA frames?
4. What happens when a ped gets hit by a weapon? Do they just keep running?
5. Do you guys know it takes a nuclear reaction to produce an X-ray laser?
-- Aaron Jenkins
Anchorage, AK

1. No. The side stays watertight until the armour is destroyed.
2. 8d.
3. No.
4. They can keep running as long as they have two or more DP [left. Al one they're unconscious and at O they're dead.
5. Yes, but we don't care.

1. Does the space taken up by an Extra Magazine count against the 1/3 spaces of weapons per side rule?
2. Can limpet mines be made armour piercing (to avoid shredding the ped who places one)?
3. Can a pulse laser use high-intensity optics? Are high-intensity optics still official?
4. Does an extra magazine need to be component armoured with the weapon? How about two weapons sharing a duel weapon mag?
5. Can a hand weapon use a rotary magazine?
6. Can you mount two mine droppers in the same location, so that anyone hitting the overlapping counters must roll twice to see if they detonate?
7. Do rocket boosters or jump jets count towards the 1/3 spaces of weapons per side rule?
8. How about mounting a tube of rocket boosters in the top of a car in a way that they could push the vehicle back onto its wheels in case of a roll?
9. Can a vehicle use two fire extinguishers?
10. Does the space taken up by crew members or passengers count against the 1/3 spaces per side rule?
11. Can a gas streamer be put in a turret? If so, shouldn't there be a "to hit" to put it where you want it?
-- Matt Jansen
Wichita, KS

1. Yes.
2. No.
3. No. Pulse lasers are the latest (and only official) version of high-intensiry optics. They're the same thing.
4. Yes. In the second case both weapons and the mag are armoured together
5. No. Vehicular weapons only.
6. Yes, but this only works for dropped solids (mines, spikes, junk), not liquids or gasses.
7. Yes.
8. No, not officially. In a roleplaying campaign the referee might want to allow this.
9. Nor two vehicular extinguishers, but a vehicular and personal FE can be used together. Don't combine effects, use two separate rolls.
10. No.
11. Yes and no.

Near Misses

Corrections from last issue: paint was listed as lasting for 2 seconds. It actually lasts for 1 second. Flaming Oil or Flame Cloud will detonate Napalm in their area. Power factors are 5 for a dollar, not 4 for a dollar.

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