Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 9Issue 1

Arena Watch

Brigham's Battleground, Salt Lake City, UT

By Stephen Poor

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This new arena opened in Salt Lake City last December. Since then the arena has gained a tremendous following. The arena is incredibly popular with the youth of SLC and Logan as the home of the BYU duelling team. Deliberate killing in the arena is strictly forbidden, and grudge matches are against arena policy.

Arena Notes

The exterior walls and central obstacle are 15' tall and indestructible. The interior walls are 20 DP and 10' tall. The central obstacle has pedestrian bolt­holes on every face. The dots on the map indicate floodlights for after­dark duelling. Note that line of sight is restricted to the track surface.


Several special events are held in the Battleground. But most events are standard duels ­ Division 30 is particularly popular. Though not particularly popular with the locals, the Blood 'n' Guts Network (BON) sponsors races, mostly because two highspeed 90 turns in rapid succession make for an exciting heat.

One unique and popular BGN event is the Truck­Cycle Smashup. Each competitor drives a pick­up, with a cycle in the bed. Each truck goes three laps, counter clockwise. At the end of the third lap, the driver mounts the cycle (moving from the truck to the cycle takes Id+4 seconds ­ roll randomly for each competitor, attacks on either vehicle or the driver during this time are strictly forbidden), jumps from the back of the truck and goes three, more laps clockwise. These events are usually held with a combined budget of $40,000 for both vehicles.

BGN also sponsors the Maypole Race. The Race is usually held with Sprint, Indy Cars, Can­Am or Funny Cars. Tire shots are forbidden. In this event, cars starting from odd­numbered gates go clockwise, while those starting from even­numbered gates go the opposite way. This race usually offers one or two spectacular rams with blood and confetti all over.

A popular event with the locals is night­duelling. The floodlights are adjusted for anything from twilight to completely off, and the spectators watch with IR goggles (borrowed from the arena; car keys must be checked as collateral ­ they haven't lost a pair yet). Searchlights are allowed in this event, as a weapon used to blind opponents.

Arena Tactics

In duels where they're allowed, dropped weapons tend to dominate in the battleground, as they make it easy to seal off the track.

In the Track/Cycle Smashup, trucks often sport ramplates, to swat oncoming cycles. The cycles favor tire shots against pickups, and are usually sloped (it takes fine shooting indeed to hit a sloped cycle head­on).

In night duels, few duellists waste money on an IR sighting system, when IR goggles work just as well. Unusual weapons like glow­in­the­dark paint guns and sprays, and tracer ammunition (no special effect in combat, but they look great from the stands) are popular. Searchlights and impact­fused flash grenades become deadly weapons. Drivers without polarized windshields are unheard of. "Starlight Scopes" and other non­IR light­enhancing devices can result in permanent eye injury if worn while viewing a flare, searchlight or laser, and are strictly forbidden.

Ram cars dominate the Maypole races. Roll cages and bumper spikes back make the best defense. C/A frames are suicide in a Maypole!

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