Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 9Issue 1

Bullseye II

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Corrine Custom Autoworks

Atlantic Industries has licensed their award­winning Bullseye design to us, and now Corrine Custom Autoworks is proud to bring you the new, upgraded Bullseye II What's new? More rockets, more electronics, more defensive systems, a bigger frame and more mass to back up your ramplate for a duelling experience your opponents will never forget (if they survive ... ).

Bullseye II. Luxury, X­hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, large PP with superconductors, improved supercharger capacitors, 4 steelbelted solid tires, driver, 2 laser guided heavy rockets (linked) in 2­space turret, 6 more heavy rockets (laser guided) in two 3­space rocket magazines, targeting laser in turet, laser guidance link, link LGL to linked HRs, 5 flame cloud dischargers (2R, 2L, 1B), 2 smoke dischargers (1F, 1T), 5 laser reactive webs (F, R, L, B, T), 7 links (laser reactive webs to dischargers), overdrive, heavy duty shock absorbers, heavy duty brakes, HRSWC, no­paint windshield, portable fire extinguisher, 15 lbs. cargo capacity, 10 pts. component minor around driver. Sloped armor: F45 (ramplate), R30, L30, B30, T23, U 15, Axel. 5 (10 with ISC, 2.5 with overdrive). Top speed 90 (110 with ISC or overdrive), HC3. 6,585 lbs., $29,041.

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