Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 9Issue 1

Coupe de Kill

From ADQ 9/2, "The Driver's Seat":
And you're right. The Coupe de Kill from last issue was an illegal design. For starters, it didn't even come close to the 1/3 spaces per side rule

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Coupe de Kill

Sure to become a classic, the Miller Coupe de Kill is the perfect combination of style, comfort and overwhelming firepower.

The Coupe de Kill… when quality is the only consideration.

Coupe de Kill: Luxury, hvy. suspension, X­hvy. chassis, large PP,4 solid radial tires, driver, ATG ­ front (fully loaded with APFSDS ammo), Blast Cannon ­ front (fully loaded), VFRP ­ back, 4 tube booster system, cyberlink (BC), HRSWC (ATG), safety seat, autopilot, computer navigator, encoded remote ignition system, radar, radar detector, radar jammer, anti­lock braking system, HD brakes, IFF system, surge protector, normal armor ­ F51, B52, L42, R42, T26, U16, HC 3, Acc. 5 mph, top speed 100 mph. 6,600lbs., $69,120.

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