Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 9Issue 1

The Driver's Seat

By Chris W. McCubbin

Here it is, my first anniversary issue as editor. I guess this means that you guys can stop writing "(or current editor)" after my name when you write in.

It's been an interesting year . . . "interesting" in the sense of the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."

Still, I come out of 1990 with a lot of optimism for Car Wars and Steve Jackson Games, and with a feeling of accomplishment. Thanks to a lot of hard work and a lot of help from our friends, we survived last year's financial crisis following the Secret Service debacle. And things are looking particularly bright for Car Wars, with last year's one­two punch of Car Wars in the small box, plus Car Wars Tanks and Aeroduel. "Car Wars Classic" re­opened the autoduelling hobby to newer, younger gamers who might have felt intimidated by the price tag of the Deluxe Edition and the multitudinous rules of the Car Wars Compendium, meanwhile Tanks and Aeroduel present all­new and exciting gaming possibilities to the experienced duellist. In short, Car Wars is now bigger and better, yet more accessible than ever before.

Candidly, the AADA was nearly a casualty of last year's Time of Troubles, as our skeleton staff had to put all its efforts into making enough money to keep us alive, and that took attention away from support efforts like the AADA. Now, however, due mostly to the superlative job our direct mail manager, Mike Hand, is doing, these problem have been completely solved. Orders, subscriptions and charter applications are now being fulfilled with speed and efficiency far beyond the call of duty. If you've been waiting to subscribe or charter your AADA chapter, the time to wait is past. Go for it

So I'm going to stick around for awhile. You stick around, too.

Driving Tigers

The first issue (Winter, 1991) of Driving Tigers Magazine is out, and a promised, here's the lowdown.

The issue consists of four fine stories and some art. There are two Car Wars stories by ADQ veterans Christopher Burke and Robert Gariua, an off­beat horror piece by newcomer Ben Carter, and the first part of "The Year the Indy Died," by professional writer P.M. Fergusson. The last story is reprinted from the venerable pages of Analog magazine. There's also a few pieces of spot car ­ Robert Garnet's cover and single interior piece stand out. Though plagued by the technical and proofreading glitches endemic to young fanzines, the quality of the fiction is excellent, and I have no reservations about recommending DTM to all duellists, everywhere.

To obtain your copy of DTM, send $2.50 for one issue, or $10 for a four­issue subscription to Driving Tigers, c/o Chris Burke, 127 Bay 23 St., Brooklyn, NY 11214. Make checks or money orders payable to Driving Tigers. Writer's guidelines are also available.

Duelin' Troops

Last fall SJG donated hundreds of games to U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf, to help them pass the long wait until Desert Shield erupted into Desert Storm. Since then we've received several notes of thanks from U.S. soldiers, all of whom say that Car Wars games, particularly Car Wars: The Card Game, were favorites with the troops.

As I write this, Iraqi troops are moving out of Kuwait, and God willing, the troops will be doing their duelling back home soon. Great job, guys. Come back soon.

This Issue

This issue's packed with more goodies than a Snickers bar. Start with the gorgeous cover illustration by Car Warriors artist Steve Dillon. Look for the first issue of Car Warriors to appear any minute from Marvel/Epic comics. For all the details, see the feature by ace comic-book journalist Darwin McPherson on p. 14.

All duellists will want to take a look at the new, official rules for jump jets in AADA News. Also new and official are the AADA tournament rules beginning on P. 8, In fact, this issue is sort of a tournament special, with the rules for the 2041 World Championships, and a piece by former world champion Tim Ray on his secrets of successful tournament vehicle design. You my remember that Tim did a similar piece a couple years ago, but that was before the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition, which radically changed the dynamics of vehicle design.

The issue is rounded out by an article torn from today's headlines ­ "Cruisin': Cruise Missiles in Car Wars," and something completely different: "Meeting The In­Laws," hilarious, slam­bang fiction by Andrew Metzger (no relation, believe it or not, to Andreas Metzger, who wrote "The Return of the Bear" a couple of issues ago).

You might notice the absence of "Blasts from the Past. " Why no chronology? Because I don't have any! (Actually, I have one good me from Tim Jacques, but it goes with a feature story and I didn't want to break up the set.) The moral is simple ... Write more chronologies!

What's New?

As this issue goes to print, The Complete Uncle Al's catalog remains the only Car Wars product firmly on the schedule, Look for it in late 1991.

However, we have numerous excellent proposals for new Car Wars products on the table, and it's only a matter of picking which ones get a spot on the schedule this year.

One really big change to an old friend: The old rulebook in Deluxe Car Wars has been replaced. The new rulebook is ... the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition. That's right, you now get a Compendium with every Deluxe Car Wars box ­ plus (in an effort to clear out our warehouse) we're including two additional Car Wars products ­ hard­to­find supplements, Vehicle Design Sheets and back issues of ADQ, worth at last $10. All the other great staff from Deluxe Car Wars is still there, of course. And the price has only gone up ... not at all. It's still $24.95. This is a limited­time offer, so if you've turned on to the small­box Car Wars and you're considering upgrading to Deluxe Car Wars, this is the time for it.

Roleplayers, meanwhile, can look forward to GURPS Vehicles. This book will be the long-needed, long­awaited comprehensive vehicle design system for the Generic Universal Role Playing System, and the necessary first step leading to GURPS Aeroduel, Second Edition. GURPS Vehicles is written by GURPS Utera­Tech and GURPS Psionics author David Pulver. Look for it this fall.

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