1. Why can't RRs and BCs use HEAT and sabot ammo? - Norman McMullen Omaha, NE
  1. RRs can use HEAT, but HEAT would simply make BCs too powerful for proper game balance. Sabot requires a high-velocity gun - BCs and RRs are low-velocity guns. - KS

  1. Could a large car use a truck IC engine?
  2. Can body armor be made fireproof, laser reflective, radarproof, sloped or otherwise modified?
  3. Can good gunners program their own software for computer gunners?
  4. What is the blank for rating on my AADA membership card for? - Chris Barnhart St. Louis, MO
  1. No.
  2. No. Actually, I guess you could slope it, but then there wouldn't be any room for a person inside it. There's already a fire suit for fire protection. Uncle Al might be interested in good designs for Laser Reflective and radarproof body armor.
  3. They'd need at least Programming +1 and Gunner +1 skill - give them a maximum bonus equal to the lower of the two skills. In a roleplaying scenario, it will also take a lot of the character 's time. - KS
  4. Your rating. But don't ask us how to compute your rating - we don't know either. - CWM

  1. Is AV ammo still official?
  2. If a turbocharged vehicle slows down, the rules say it loses the turbo bonus. Does this apply to power factors at well?
  3. What is the advantage to having a VP turbocharger?
  4. The Compendium says that super-chargers increase acceleration at all speeds. Does this mean that other chargers don't?
  5. Can a plastic fake ramplate be placed on metal armor? Can you put 1 point of plastic outside the metal to mount a plastic fake ramplate?
  6. Spoilers and airdams - are the stats correct in the Compendium or on the accessory list? - Mike Piacsek Annandale, VA
  1. No.
  2. No. The extra power factors stay, only the acceleration bonus is lost.
  3. It increases acceleration as per a turbocharger, with no turbo lag.
  4. No. the wording in the description of Superchargers is a holdover from an obsolete rule. Sorry.
  5. No, not so it can fool anybody, anyway. No; that's one reason the rule was changed to make composite armor plastic on the inside and metal on the outside.
  6. The book is right. - KS

  1. Do wheel hubs and wheelguards protect against the blast radius of a kami-bomb?
  2. Do racing bodies automatically have CA frames?
  3. If a trailer is broken loose from a towing vehicle, and the vehicle has gunners and targeting computers in it, do they still work?
  4. Can a person in an ejection seat going up take any firing actions?
  5. Can an ejection seat and a safety seat be combined? - Paul Alexander Huntington Beach, CA
  1. They protect normally, as long as they aren't mounted on the vehicle that's blowing up.
  2. Yes.
  3. The gunners still work. The computers don't.
  4. No.
  5. Sure. 125 lbs., $1,000, No space. - ES

  1. A player designs an aircraft with wingtip-mounted MGs, and another MG in a regular turret. He then uses two smart links to link the center MG to each wingtip, so that it can assist either MG. What does he need if wants to fire all 3 MGs, linked, into the front or rear arcs? - Leon Stauffer Apple Crest, OH
  1. The general rule for links is that each firing combination requires a separate link. In this case, he'd need 3 - one for each pair, and one for alI 3. (If he wanted to link the two MGs on the side, that 's another link, for a total of 4.) All of these must be smart links. You cannot link links. - KS

  1. In Tanks, which shell weight is correct for TG 12, the one in the book, or the one in the stat sheet?
  2. Is NCBS enough to make an ATV watertight? - Christian Shelton Davis, CA
  1. The stat sheet is right, the text is wrong.
  2. Nope. You have to buy Amphibious modification and/or a snorkel to make the vehicle watertight. - KS

  1. Can airplanes and microplanes mount ramplates?
  2. Can you use the Advanced Rocket Construction rules from ADQ 7/3 in AADA-sponsored events?
  3. With a bomb bay, can you put bombs in cargo space?
  4. Can an ejection seat be used for helicopters?
  5. What would be the cost, weight and spaces for a carrier-type landing strip on an airship?
  6. Can airships mount TGs 9-14?
  7. Can you use the modifications on p. 27 of Tanks for regular rockets?
  8. What are the mounting restrictions for artillery guns?
  9. Can you use APFDS in direct fire for artillery guns? - Nathan Tolman
  1. No. Think about it.
  2. Absolutely not.
  3. No, unless you could mount weapons there normally (e.g., helicopters can mount side and bottom mounted weapons in cargo space).
  4. No (but there might be an Uncle Al's gadget in the idea).
  5. There are no rules for this at this time. Sounds like a cool idea, though.
  6. Yes, limited by space restrictions of your gondola size (remember the 1/3 spaces per side rule).
  7. No.
  8. The 1/3 spaces per side rule.
  9. No.
  10. Sure. - KS

Note: This is the way it appears in ADQ. It's not a typo.

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