The Explosion

Fresno Truckworks

Modern laser guidance combined with the extreme power of six (count 'em, six) heavy rockets – both platform-mounted and in disposable weapons pods – add a Spear 1000 minedropper (with TDX) and a spare napalm magazine, and watch your opponents explode! For defense, composite armor atop six plasticore tires lets you avoid being smeared over the pavement.

The Explosion – blockbuster power at your fingertips. Explosion – Pickup, Extra-heavy chassis, Hvy. Suspension, Super PP, Driver only, 6 plasticore tires, 2 5 pt. WGs (B), 2 fake WGs (F), ML, 2-sp. Rocket Platform & 2 HR w/LGL, 2 2-sp. EWPs w/2 (LGL) HR each, Spear 1000 MD (w/ TDX), mag for MD (w/ napalm), mag switch, 5 FCD (1, r, u, u, b), TGD (f), +1 Targeting Computer. Armor M/P: F 8/10, L 6/6, R 6/6, B 5/8, T 0/4, U 0/6. Acc 5, Top Speed 80 (95 w/o pods) Cr. Speed 47.5 (55), HC 2, Wt. 7,777 (7,127 w/o pod), Cargo wt. 23 (673 w/o pod), cost $29,095.

** Option: upgrade rockets to AP, cost $29,595.

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