It's not just a trailer... it's a


Sure it's expensive but for a driver it's one of the best pals his car can have. This beauty has an average offensive weaponry output that would almost eliminate its own (formidable) armor, and its napalm mines and heavy duty flaming oil jet will give your opponent something hot to worry about. Even with all this firepower, there's still over 300 pounds of cargo capacity. Or for the absolute ultimate in protection, and even more hauling capacity, try the heavy version.

Powerhouse 20' Van, x-hvy. chassis, four FP solid tires, 4 gunners, concealed twin linked GGs w/extra magazines right and left, concealed twin linked blast cannons w/extra magazines back, twin linked pulsed infrared twin lasers in universal turret top, two linked minedroppers with napalm ammo, back, HDFOJ back, link going from HDFOJ to minedroppers, link connecting dropped weapons to blast cannons, 208 pts. FB armor, 5 spaces, 300 lbs. cargo, 10,978 lbs., $131,990.

Armored Powerhouse same as above except replace all gunners with computer gunners and add 35 pts. armor, 9 spaces, 500 lbs. cargo, 10,778 lbs., $140,190.

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