Warning: Unauthorized use or possession of these items may be grounds for extreme sanctions in some areas! The items below are not approved for AADA-sanctioned tournament combat.

Auto-Grenade Launcher

This baby brings a whole new meaning to the term "suppressive fire!" A standard armament of military fighting vehicles for over a century, now at last available to private duellists, thanks to Uncle Al.

Auto-GL - To hit 7, damage by grenade type, 3 DP, $5,000. 250 Ibs., 2 spaces, holds 20 grenades (cost by grenade type +$20, 5 Ibs. each); loaded weight 350 1bs. ; loaded magazine costs $50 plus the cost of grenades and weighs 105 1bs. Different grenade types may be mixed in the magazine and fired in any order desired; rotary magazine effects are included in the price.

The auto-GL can fire one, two or three grenades in one firing action. All grenades must be fired at the same target, and all grenades in a salvo use the same to-hit roll to determine the amount of scatter, but each grenade scatters separately. For instance, if a three-shot salvo misses its to-hit roll by 3, then each grenade scatters 2d-2 squares in a random direction.

The minimum range on an auto-GL is 400". Auto-GL ammunition cannot be fired in any other GL; other GL ammo can be fired from an auto-GL, but the maximum range is 60" in that case.

Depleted Uranium Ammo

The ultimate in dense-core penetrators. From the heart of the atom comes the most devastating slug known to 21st-century science. And don't believe any unscientific rumors - depleted uranium is absolutely not radioactive! Warning! For use in home defense only! The American Autoduel Association has posted a $5,000 bounty for any motorist known to have used DPU ammo on public roads! Illegal in many areas - check with your local law-enforcement agencies.

DPUAmmo - Ammo for ATGs, GCs, HACs and TGs only! CPS x 10, WPS x 3. DPU Ammo automatically does maximum damage to the target if it hits. DPU ammo does not appreciably damage metal armor. However, a DPU shot that penetrates metal armor (exceeds the armor protection and puts at least point of damage inside) automatically does 2d damage to all internal components (including crew, passengers and cargo!) as pieces of armor and ammo fragments spray inside the crew compartment. Component armor protects crew and internals - the 2d damage is applied first against component armor, and affects the crew or component only when the CA is breached.

Unguided Missile-Launcher Rockets

Why waste a $5,000 missile on a close-range car or machine-gun nest? Who needs all that expensive computer guidance for a simple line-of-sight shot? Try Uncle Al's affordable unguided rocket instead!

Unguided Missile-Launcher Rockets - To hit 9, 7d damage (ML rocket)/12d damage (HML rocket), WPS 50 (ML)/75 (HML), 1 space, 2" burst effect. Can be purchased in an armor-piercing version, losing burst effect, at normal armor-piercing mods to damage and cost.

Military Body Armor

The race between weaponry and armor continues. Body armor was developed for the military, then it was improved. This state-of-the-art in personal protection is made with impact-gel filler, laser-resistant composites and rigid plates to improve battlefield survivability.

MBA - Costs $5,000, weight and encumbrance as IBA. Adds 6 DP to the wearer, and reduces damage from la- sers, flechettes and explosive burst-effects by half.

Helicopter Weapon Wings

Ever wonder why military choppers look so much like weird airplanes? It's because they mount these beauties - weapon-packed airfoils tacked onto their sides to dramatically increase their armament capacity. Weapon wings can make your helicopter a real hunter-killer.

Helicopter Weapon Wings - Weapon wings are always mounted in matching pairs on either side of a helicopter. Each wing has a number of spaces which can be used for mounting weapons or any other space-taking accessory (magazines, fuel tanks, etc.).

A pair of weapon wings acts as a pair of maneuver foils, and takes up the same space. A helicopter with weapon wings may not mount side-mounted EWPs, but EWPs of the same size as the weapon wing may be mounted under each weapon wing; a 4-space weapon wing could mount a 4-space EWP, 2 2-space EWPs, 1 3-space and 1 1-space EWP, etc. If a weapon wing mounts an EWP, then both wings must mount EWPs of equal weight. In short, wing-mounted EWPs must be balanced.

Weapon wings can be armored, at $10 and 4 1bs. per point of armor per wing - wings must be armored equally. Weapon wings may be fitted with ejection systems.

One-man helicopters can't mount weapon wings. Small helicopters can only mount 1-space wings, standard helicopters can mount up to 2-space wings and transport helicopters may mount any size wing.

All cost and weights are per pair; DP is per wing.

1-space wings - $2,500, 200 1bs., 10 DP.

2-space wings - $5,000, 400 1bs., 15 DP.

3-space wings - $10,000, 750 Ibs., 18 DP.

4-space wings - $25,000, 1,000 1bs., 20 DP.

Claymore Mine

This battlefield classic is the ultimate nasty surprise. Stock up now! Supplies limited!

Claymore Mine - $200, 5 1bs./2 GE, 2d damage to pedestrians, 1d damage to vehicles and exposed components (wheels, EWPs, turrets/rocket platforms, etc.). When a Claymore is placed, facing must be specified. When detonated the mine automatically hits everything within 1" on both sides and within a 1" wide by 3" long swath directly in front of it. Claymores may be detonated by wire command (30' of wire included with each mine) or by tripwire. Radio detonation available at an additional cost of $50 per mine, transmitter included.

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