Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 9Issue 4


Well, first I would like to say that I just picked up the new format ADQ 9=(9/2 - I have been out of it for awhile). I do have mixed feelings about it, but all in all I think that the magazine is good.

I think that this is a reply to Rich Pizor of Cupertino, CA, I would like to say . . . You're right. So, in keeping with the spirit:

To all those Northern Duellists (Canadian): Route 417 is heavily guarded on both ends, as two rival gangs vie for control of the roads. The back route, #7 into the city, with road salvage as high as it is, they'd rather go for the easy kill anyway.

To the Brotherhood: Highway 401 Toronto to Montreal jams up in Cornwall. The country mounties are on the rampage again. Definitely a place to avoid if your paperwork isn't all up to date or you have an outstanding speeding ticket.

Travel Advice: I want to take a vacation, and cannot seem to decide where to go. It is a toss-up between England and Australia. Can anyone tell me what the duelling is like there?

The annual arena duel held at our nation's capitol was indeed spectacular. Our own Prime Minister attended the event. I heard that some other foreign dignitaries also attended. It was all made possible with a grant from the city.

- Keith A. Tapp

Weston, Ontario, Canada

I must respond to Robert Dies' letter in ADQ 9/3 about the "unstoppable" ramplate vehicles. On the contrary, they are quite stoppable, if you know what to do. First, let's assume you have aimed weapons. This is not the best thing to have against a ram-car (see below), But it will do. MR. Dies claims that vehicles, zipping around at 200 MPH, have -6 to hit due to speed. Well, that,s true, but only for certain bad positions of you vs. him. More often, the speed modifier is (1/2 target speed), 50 mph, which is just -3. In certain good positions, the speed modifier can be even less. Furthermore, don't forget your sustained fire bonus, your gunner bonus and your computer bonus to hit. Those tires begin to get easier to hit.

However, as I said before, that's not the best way, Instead, use the area-affect weapons. There are two classes: oil and ice make it tough for your opponent to maneuver to get you. The other group has flaming oil, junk droppers, Flame clouds, mine droppers (napalm and TDX are best), and explosive spikes - all designed to hurt tires. of course, the HD versions, where available, are even deadlier. He's got a fireproof car, you say? Did he remember to make his tires fireproof? The car may not catch fire but the tires will burn (see the "Fire and Explosion" rules)!

Finally, a good anti-ramcar starts before the race. Have a high-HC vehicle yourself. Feel this good regardless of whether you're facing a ramcar or not. Likewise, a computer for your aimed weapons is always nice. Turreting them is even better. And, if you are doing a one-shot combat, I find that you should have two gunner skills for every driver skill you have. That is a 30-Point character should be driver/gunner +1.

And finally, here's a devious suggestion: if you feel that you probably will face a ram-car, and you probably will face a ram-car, and you've got the money, don't build a car' build a truck. Anything over 8,000 lbs. delivers twice the damage rolled in a collision, without a ramplate.

- Douglas Kelly

Chatsworth, CA

You're right Doug, that good tactics and carefully-designed vehicle can still beat a ramcar. But after talking it over among ourselves, and with some of our best playtesters, we've decided that Robert has a point - the game seems to be polarizing into dedicated ramcars and dedicated anti-ramcars, which is not what we want it to be.

Consequently, we're going to be making some major alterations in the current ramplate rules. We're still working on the details. Look for them in ADQ 10/1.


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