P. 9. Autocannon and Gatling Cannon can use Tracer ammo as well.

P. 20. The Heavy Vulcan Machine Gun may use Incendiary Ammo as well.

P. 24. ATGs – ATGs may be mounted on oversized vehicles without restrictions. Non-oversized vehicles may mount ATGs to the side, however, the vehicle will suffer a D1 hazard for each ATG fired in a phase if the weapon is side-mounted. Trikes mounting an ATG to the front or rear will suffer a D1 hazard for each ATG fired, and a D2 hazard for each side-mounted ATG fired, even if the side-mounted weapon is firing into the front arc of the trike.

P. 27. Anti-Personnel (AP) Ammo may also be used in VSs, shotguns, and double-barreled shotguns.

P. 82. A bent frame (from using Rocket Boosters) sends the vehicles Handling Status to -6 immediately and remains there for the rest of the game.

P. 84. Add Armored Searchlight to the end of the Searchlight description (continued from p. 83). Armored Searchlight – 5 DP, $500, 75 lbs. 1 space. This searchlight functions just as above.

P. 131. Vertical Stabilizer: The Improved Hovercraft Vertical Stabilizer has all the restrictions of a standard vertical stabilizer, but in addition to improving the hovercraft's HC by 1 at 60+ mph, it also reduces by 1 the D hazard of all maneuvers performed at 60+ mph. D0 manuevers do not force control rolls.

P. 140. A no-paint Gas Mask costs $130.

P. 202. The Variable Fire Rocket Pod has a CPS of 35.

P. 204. The Heavy Minedropper has a To Hit of –. Shift all the remaining columns one step right.