Steve Jackson Games Car Wars

ERRATA – Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell (First Printing) – Updated October 24, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 9. Autocannon and Gatling Cannon can use Tracer ammo as well.

P. 20. The Heavy Vulcan Machine Gun may use Incendiary Ammo as well.

P. 24. ATGs – ATGs may be mounted on oversized vehicles without restrictions. Non-oversized vehicles may mount ATGs to the side, however, the vehicle will suffer a D1 hazard for each ATG fired in a phase if the weapon is side-mounted. Trikes mounting an ATG to the front or rear will suffer a D1 hazard for each ATG fired, and a D2 hazard for each side-mounted ATG fired, even if the side-mounted weapon is firing into the front arc of the trike.

P. 27. Anti-Personnel (AP) Ammo may also be used in VSs, shotguns, and double-barreled shotguns.

P. 82. A bent frame (from using Rocket Boosters) sends the vehicles Handling Status to -6 immediately and remains there for the rest of the game.

P. 84. Add Armored Searchlight to the end of the Searchlight description (continued from p. 83). Armored Searchlight – 5 DP, $500, 75 lbs. 1 space. This searchlight functions just as above.

P. 131. Vertical Stabilizer: The Improved Hovercraft Vertical Stabilizer has all the restrictions of a standard vertical stabilizer, but in addition to improving the hovercraft's HC by 1 at 60+ mph, it also reduces by 1 the D hazard of all maneuvers performed at 60+ mph. D0 manuevers do not force control rolls.

P. 140. A no-paint Gas Mask costs $130.

P. 202. The Variable Fire Rocket Pod has a CPS of 35.

P. 204. The Heavy Minedropper has a To Hit of –. Shift all the remaining columns one step right.