Steve Jackson Games Car Wars

ERRATA – Car Wars Compendium (Second Edition, Fifth Printing) – Updated June 6, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 85. In the Power Plant Table delete the "20"s from the Spaces column for the first four entries.

P. 112. Under Heavy Duty Brakes, 25 mph is D2; 30 mph is D3; 35 mph is D5; 40 mph is D7, each tire takes 2 points of damage; 45 mph is D9, each tire takes 1d of damage.

P. 115. A bent frame (from using Rocket Boosters) sends the vehicles Handling Status to -6 immediately and remains there for the rest of the game.

P. 134. Radarproof armor costs 200% normal. Radarproof Fireproof costs 400% normal. Add Fireproof (200%) and Laser Reflective (110%) to the table.