Unofficial Pages

Our list of other fan-authored Car Wars pages. If you've created a neat and useful Car Wars page and want it listed here, send the URL to and we'll check it out.

Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW)
A Washington State AADA Chapter with play by mail, vehicles, arena and official tournament of RadCon. This site is heavy on the graphics, but is one of the nicest Car Wars AADA Chapter web sites out there, complete with News, Player Aids, Vehicles, DRAW's duelling season schedule, information on the 2049 AADA Northwest Regional Championship, and more!
Dragonslayers of UK
This UK gaming group has been around for some 17 years! Their web site gives details on a long Corporate Car Wars duelling schedule they have planned for this season. You'll also find reports of past events and winning designs.
Driving Tigers Magazine
Driving Tigers was a fiction anthology, featuring stories taking place on the highways of the future, and for the most part set in the Car Wars universe.
Jeff Barrett's Car Wars Page
A collection of PDFs and Excel spreadsheets for most types of vehicles, plus a PDF collection of reference sheets, charts, and tables.
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)
NOVA is the oldest and most active Car Wars chapter of them all, and their website is also one of the oldest and largest. Their website has lots of vehicle designs, arenas, racetracks, articles and supplements, plus complete back issues of their Nightmessenger newsletter, now in its 16th year!
Michael Owen has been collecting acronyms since he became co-editor of the Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN).
Not only is he the president of the Seattle/Spokane Washington Autoduel Team (SWAT), but his web site holds the current archive of the High Velocity Duelling (HVD) Mailing List.
He has also built the most comprehensive list of Car Wars links we've seen anywhere on the web.
Top Ten Reasons Car Wars Sucks (and ways it can be fixed)
We may or may not agree with Scott Hansma and Jake McGuire - either way, they've graciously provided us with some rules variants they'd like to see.
Gear Jammer Motor Works
Quite possibly the only place online where you can build and store vehicles without having to download anything. It also has venues for the trading of race track designs, car wars articles, and the addition of home-made equipment (aka your own body styles, armor types, weapons, etc....) to the system.

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