Halloween Dice


  • 3 large dice
  • 60 chipboard tokens
  • Rulesheet

Game Design by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by Alex Fernandez

Orange dice with black ink. (131322) Orange Halloween Dice with black ink.
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Stock number 131322
UPC 837654321430
In Production
Black dice with orange ink. (131323) Black Halloween Dice with orange ink.
Suggested retail price TBA
Stock number 131323
UPC 837654321447
In Production

Can you get to the lucky 13 . . . without going over?

It's a set of big, beautiful orange-and-black six-siders, with custom Jack o' Lantern designs on each side. And it comes with a game!

Choose one, two, or three dice. The more dice you roll at once, the more pumpkins you get – and the more you'll be risking. The game comes with die-cut pumpkin tokens, but if you use candy instead, you get to eat any you lose!


Halloween Dice is a fast-playing game for three or more players. Each game only takes a few minutes, but you'll play again and again!

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