Dino War: A Dino Hunt Variant

If you have a stack of Dino Hunt cards and someone to play against, "War" is an easy game. You don't need the Special cards or any of the other game pieces. Shuffle the dinosaur cards and give half of them to each player.

Each player holds his deck where the other player can't see it, and plays one card at a time. You play the cards at the same time and compare their SCORES.

The card with the higher SCORE wins each "battle."

If the winning card is a CARNIVORE, it EATS the other creature . . . remove the losing card from play. The winning card goes back to the winner's deck, on the bottom. If it is not a carnivore, it captures the other card, and the winner puts both cards on the bottom of his own deck.


If the cards have the same SCORE, and only one of them is a CARNIVORE, then the carnivore captures (but does not eat) the other card. The winner gets both cards.

But if neither card is a carnivore, or both of them are, then the battle is really a tie. In that case, each player must play out two more cards without looking, as "ante." Then each player plays a third card and compares their scores. The winner of that battle captures the two original cards and each player's "ante." (This way, a player who has a powerful card can still lose it.)


When one player has all the remaining cards, he wins!

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