Frag Deadlands Errata

Updated June 17, 2002

Under The Cards (second column, front page of the rules), modify the malfunction rules as follows:
Malfunctions, Damage to Firer: All weapons that have the possibility of malfunction are limited in the damage they can cause to the firer when a malfunction is rolled. The firer never suffers more than 2d of damage from a malfunction no matter the number of 1s rolled.
Example: The Huckster fires a gatling cannon at the Indian Brave and successfully hits. Rolling damage (five dice) he rolls a 5, 3, 1, 1, and 1. The number of dice of damage the Huckster must apply to himself is 2 dice.
Malfunctions, Damage to Target: All damage dice results of a 2 or higher are added together and applied against the target as if it were a regular attack. Only rolls of 1 do not count for damage purposes.
Example: Continuing with the example above . . . after suffering damage, the dice that are not ones are totaled and applied against the Indian Brave (3 + 5 = 8). The Indian Brave now rolls Health as per the Frag Deadlands rules.
Any weapon that malfunctions is immediately discarded.

Optional Rule: Ignoring Malfunctions

Players may choose to play the game without the malfunction rules. Doing so will help speed play a little but the game will lose some of the Deadlands feel. If players cannot agree on using malfunction rules during a game, take a vote. In a tie have one person on each side draw poker hands . . . winning poker hand makes the final decision. All players on the losing side of the vote may draw a bonus weapon card before the game begins.
In the The Cards and Poker Hands box, the definition of Four of a Kind should read "Four cards of the same value, any suit."