GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Supers (First Printing) – Updated April 2, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 24. "Fatigue Cost" should read "Using Super-Effort costs 1 FP per lift, throw, or blow attempted."

P. 42. For the "Archetype" template, choose two of the sets of 30-point advantages listed, not just one.

New! The total cost for ST should be 620, not 520.

P. 43. The Cat Function Power costs 314 points. Catlike Reflexes are 72 points, and Parabolic Hearing costs 8 points.

The Fish Function Power costs 268 points. Its Night Vision costs 4 points.

Plant Function Power costs 270 points.

Note that the template assumes a cost of 260 points for these powers.

In the Blaster template, Basic Speed should be 7.00, and Move should be 7.

P. 44. Electrified Skin costs 78 points.

On Lightwarp, add the following modifiers:

Under Disadvantages, Impulsiveness should cost [-10].

In the Brick template, replace the Alternate Form with "Alternate Form (Body of Metal; Reduced Time 5, +100%; Super, -10%) [187]" and adjust the temperature tolerance to "Temperature Tolerance 4 (Hotter, 35-138; Only in Metallic Form, -10%) [4]".

P. 45. Under the Dreadnought template, both Artificer and Mathematical Ability cost 10/level, not 5/level.

In the Dreadnought template, change the first line of "Power" to "Spend a total of 730 points . . ."

Under "Life Support", add "Temperature Tolerance 20 (-75F to 200F; Breakable, Complex Mechanism, SM 0, -35%; Can Be Stolen, Forcible Removal, -10%; Required Disadvantage, Maintenance, 1 person, weekly, -5%; Superscience, -10%) [8]", and change the cost on Doesn't Breathe to [8].

On "Strength Amplification", change "External ST 150" to "Extended ST 136", and add "Superscience, -10%" to the modifiers.

P. 46. In the paragraph marked with a dagger, replace the first two sentences with:

Different devices will have different DR and SM values; the durability and size modifiers included in Breakable always add up to -20%. For example, a specific construct might have SM -2 (-20%) and DR 30 (0%), or SM -10 (0%) and DR 2 (-20%).

P. 47. In the Kinetic template, the dagger symbol should be added to Magnetic Force and removed from Magnetic Field.

In the Superalloy Shield, replace "DB 2" with "SM -2".

P. 48. Under the "Telepathy" section, add "Independence, +40%;" to the Phantasms entry. This does not change the point total.

P. 49. In the Metamorph template:

P. 51. In the Rubberman template, change the points allowed for powers from 77 to 114.

"Protean Body" and "Object Imitation" cost 120 points each. Remove the "Mass Conservation" modifier from "Object Imitation."

P. 52. In the Earth power set, "Tremor" costs [80].

Reduce the Damage Resistance of "Mudman" to Damage Resistance 4, changing the total cost of "Mudman" to [10].

P. 53. In the Speedster template, in the second paragraph of the column on the right, replace "he already has Move 1,728 (3,456 mph, or just short of a mile a second), and three more levels of Enhanced Running exceeds Earth's escape velocity" with "he already has Move 1,280 (2,560 mph, or two-thirds of a mile a second), and four more levels of Enhanced Move exceed Earth's escape velocity".

P. 56. In the Techno template, replace "Engineer!" with "Inventor!"

P. 57. "Veil of Mist" costs [44].

The Enhanced Move in "Riding the Winds" costs [56].

Change the Weather Control talent to Talent 2, for a cost of [10].

Under Disadvantages, take -40 points instead of -30 points. Add the option of Megalomania [-10] to the suggested list.

P. 124. In the benchmarks box, add after the last line cuts off: "to cripple a small secondary gun."