Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Ice Age – Updated May 7, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. The Wrecking Crew was inadvertently left out of the playtester credits: (Ray Carter, Eric Jerome, Dan Kenady, Dan Ormistong, Tim Ray, Larry Stohr, Bill Williams, Michael Vragel)

P. 9. In the H. habilis Height and Weight Table, the p. B13 reference should be to p. B15.

P. 10. Under Advantages and Disadvantages, Armoury/TL0 is on p. 26, not 25.

P. 12. Under Physical Appearance, the Height and Weight Table is on p. B15, not p. B13.

P. 14. Under Advantages and Disadvantages, see p. 24, not p. 23.

P. 15. In the second paragraph, see p. 27, not p. 26.

P. 18. Under Advantages and Disadvantages, see p. 24, not p. 23.

P. 27. Under Languages, add to the end of the sentence: ", except for Cro-Magnon languages, which are Mental/Average."

P. 28. Add the Throwing Stick skill:

Throwing Stick (Physical/Easy) Defaults to DX-4
The ability to throw a carefully balanced and shaped throwing stick, such as a boomerang. This type of throwing stick does not return to the user.

P. 29. The equipment in GURPS Ice Age is all TL0, except for the (somewhat cinematic) Herbalism. Ignore the comment that TL0 equipment is found rather than made.

P. 29. Under Hand Weapons, Light Club uses the Broadsword skill. It is the only balanced striking weapon on the table.

P. 37. Under Summon Spirit, the Cost should be 6 to cast; 4 to maintain.

P. 42. Under Hyena, see p. B134, not p. B116.

P. 43. Under Triceratops, see p. BY85, not B85.

P. 51. In the Character Creation sidebar, add Area Knowledge to the skill list.

P. 52. In the second paragraph, see p. 53 for the sidebar about the chief.

P. 55. In the first paragraph, see p. B122, not p. B107.

P. 56. In the If All Else Fails sidebar, see p. B122, not p. B107.