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Everyone makes mistakes, including us -- but we do our best to fix our errors. This errata sheet has been prepared by Steve Jackson Games for the convenience of its customers. Permission is granted to photocopy this errata listing for non-commercial use, or to post it on privately-operated Bulletin Board Systems or USENET. Printed copies of errata sheets are available from Steve Jackson Games. Send a legal-sized Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE), along with a list of the specific sheets you would like, to:

Steve Jackson Games Incorporated
Attn: Errata Sheets
Box 18957
Austin, TX 78760-8957
Note that the most current versions of the errata are published on the web - it's faster, cheaper, and more accurate to print out these files from your browser (and to take the mystery out of it, that's what we do when we send you errata).

Also, please note that because we publish a great many games and keep errata sheets on file for all of them (even those that have been out of print for years), we cannot honor requests for "all current errata sheets" or anything similar!

If you find an error which is not listed on this sheet, please write and tell us! We will also do our best to answer questions about our games, provided that they are phrased in a manner which will allow for a yes-or-no reply or other brief answer. Questions cannot be answered unless a SASE is included! We cannot answer game questions by telephone.