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Steve Jackson Games

The Fnordcast is the bi-weekly podcast from Steve Jackson Games. It brings you company propaganda, news from the world of games, geek culture, randomly illuminated stuff, and – of course – fnords.

Past Fnordcasts:

October 15, 2008: Where's the Fnordcast?

A few of you have noticed there hasn't been a new Fnordcast in a while. However, most of you didn't notice. Which is why we stopped.

The fact is, we had a great time doing the Fnordcast. But everyone involved has multiple responsibilities, and "getting new products finished" trumps all else. In the end, we weren't reaching enough of an audience to justify the time it took to do the show.

Thanks for all those who did listen. We'll keep looking at new technologies for other opportunities, but for the Fnordcast, it's mothballs for now.

--Paul Chapman

September 7, 2007: Fnordcast #10: Origins '07

The tenth Fnordcast is now available for download, either directly, via RSS, or via iTunes.

This time around, we've got interviews from Origins, an Ask Dr. Kromm bit, and our annual interview with Ken Hite.

-- Paul Chapman

July 12, 2007: Fnordcast #9: GTS '07

After a bout of technical difficulties, the ninth Fnordcast is now available for download, either directly, via RSS, or via iTunes.

This episode covers our experiences at the GAMA Trade Show. We've got conversations with Fantasy Flight, Damage Control, Comfy Chair, Smirk and Dagger, Battlestations, Privateer Press, and Black Industries, as well as our booth crew. Whew! It's a big show this time, but jam-packed full of industry news!
--Paul Chapman

May 2, 2007: The Eighth!

The eighth Fnordcast has arrived! This one is jam-packed with gamer goodness.

First off, we've got an interview with Ross Jepson, long-time gamer and our Director of Sales. Next up, we've got a Shameless Plug from Nicholas -- his final act before being dragged away by the fnords. Finally, I took some time out from my Games Expo activities to interview White Wolf's Oscar Garza and Indie Press Revolution's Brennan Taylor.

Oh, and a question for Dr. Kromm's Lab ties up the episode with a shiny Canadian bow.

Check out the episode here.
-- Paul Chapman

March 2, 2007: New Fnordcast!

Yes, the first Fnordcast of 2007 has arrived!

In this episode, SJ gives us the Stakeholder's Report for 2006, Randy and Nicolas give us a Shameless Plug, and Will and I put the gamer's eye on GURPS Ultra-Tech.

For a complete minute by minute run-down of the episode, check out here.

As always, give us feedback on the forums, or via email at
-- Paul Chapman

March 2, 2007: File Size

One of the first bits of feedback we recieved on Episode #1 was "the file size is too big!"

Well, we lowered the bitrate, as suggested, for Episode #2 and Episode #3. I was very worried that the audio quality would suffer, but I couldn't detect a difference. I'm not a huge audiophile, mind you, so if you are, and you do detect a problem with the lower bitrate, let me know!
--Paul Chapman

December 16, 2006: Fnordcast #6: The Holiday Special

In the grand tradition of radio and television shows throughout the ages, the Fnordcast presents its First Annual Holiday Shopping Special.

Basically, we all tell you what we think you should be buying for Christmas.

Download the mp3 here, and give us feedback here.

'Cause if you finish shopping too early, you lose Geek Points.
-- Paul Chapman

December 4, 2006: Ready for Episode Five?

Yep, Episode Five of the Fnordcast is ready to download here. SJ talks about Lucca, the convention he attended in Italy, and we gloat about the games we played in the office on Halloween. Plus, Jan Hendricks reports about his Essen experiences. All this, topped off with Munchkin Theater!

Special thanks to our guest fnorder, Steven S. Long.

As always, give us feedback on the forums, or via email at

--Paul Chapman

November 6, 2006: Episode Four!

The Fnordcast returns, with our fourth fabulous episode!

This time around, we're serving up a heapin' helpin' of Dr. Kromm's Lab, with side dish of e23 thoughts from Thomas. Plus, we get a tall glass of Shameless Plug from Fox, and for dessert, the Official (But Short) Essen Report.

As always, give us feedback on the forums, or via email at
--Paul Chapman

September 27, 2006: Episode Three!

It's here, and ready to hear! Episode Three of the Fnordcast is online and available for listening.

I talk to Dr. Kromm about Martial Arts, Thomas brings back audio from GenCon, then discusses it with Will, and SJ talks about Worldcon.

As always, let us know what you think on the forums, or via email at
--Paul Chapman

August 10, 2006: Episode Two!

As promised, the RSS feed is up, and we've got previews of Munchkin Impossible and GURPS Bio-Tech, as well as another Shameless Plug.

We also have a new segment -- Go Outside, covering non-gaming stuff of interest to ... well, you, our adoring geek listeners.

For the direct downloaders in the audience, the file is here.

As always, we'll be waiting with baited breath (mmmm, worms!) for your feedback over on the forums.

-- Paul Chapman

July 12, 2006: First Fnordcast!

Welcome to the first episode of the Fnordcast!

First, here's the link. The file is 36MB, and runs just over 38 minutes.

Yes, Steve Jackson Games has joined the millions of people talking about games, gaming, and geek culture in the mp3 format. We, like so many others, will have reviews of new products and reports from conventions.

What we'll have that you won't find anywhere else is frequent segments by top game designers like Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch and Steve Jackson. We'll also be previewing books and games in the production process, giving you a peek behind the curtain of a game company.

We, of course, can do much, much more. But what direction should we take? Send us your feedback at or head over to the Fnordcast forum. Let us know what you'd like to hear!


-- Paul Chapman

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The entire contents of the Fnordcast are copyright © 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 by Steve Jackson Games.

Steve Jackson Games
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