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Some Rule Interpretations by Some Friendly Frag Players

by Philip J. Wall

The game Frag, though fun and easy to learn, has a few potential problems with the rules. In this article, I would like to share the way that my friends and I have interpreted the rules and the justification for those interpretations. Until and unless Steve Jackson Games explicitly gives a conflicting interpretation or statement, these interpretations seem reasonable to us and could provide some help in the case of rules disputes and answers for people who like to play at being rules lawyers. However, please remember that these are only our opinions.

Commentary: Frag is a great game, and the rules are clearly written and easy to read. However, they were casually written, and have not been chewed over by rules lawyers to iron out possible quibbles by unreasonable players. Some rules were left slightly ambiguous, and some phrases were not precisely defined, such as "rolling an attack." For example, does it mean "rolling to see whether a hit was successful" or does it mean that plus "rolling for damage"?

Final bit of advice: Just have fun! Even if you could force a win by arguing with other players about exactly what a rule means, it just causes bad feelings all around. Besides, you might have been wrong! Even if you were right, it's often better to let something slide so that a more fun experience is had by all. What my friends and I do in case of disputes is to make a quick decision by consensus or vote, but then we note down the problem so it can be chewed over later. The interpretations given in this article are the results of that process applied over several games of Frag. If you and your friends truly enjoy wrangling over rules interpretations, however, you can safely ignore this advice.

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