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Chess Games

Follow the links to pages with detailed information about each game.

Steve Jackson Games has offered three variant games for chess fans. All of them feature attractive components and interesting rules . . . adding new variety to the beauty of chess itself.

The following games are out of print . . . that is, we are completely out, and have no current plans to reprint it. The best way to find a copy of an out-of-print game is to check eBay or contact a dealer in out-of-print games.

Knightmare Chess Knightmare Chess is chess played with cards . . . and what cards! Each one breaks the rules in a wild and unpredictable way, giving the game more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Each card has a point value, so you can build custom decks based on an agreed point total, or handicap the match so the stronger player has fewer powerful cards.

There are two sets, each with 80 big, beautiful cards. Each card features an individual color painting by Brazilian artist Rogério Vilela. The first set is out of print, but Knightmare Chess, Set 2 is still available and can be played independently.

Proteus Proteus uses special dice to represent the chess pieces. By turning a die, you can make it more or less powerful . . . your pieces start as pawns and can promote all the way to Queens! The game is easy to learn, but mastering the intricate strategies will prove much harder . . .

Tile Chess In Tile Chess, the pieces themselves become the virtual "board" of ever-changing size and shape. Up to six can play! Strategy becomes more complex; as you conquer each of your opponents, you take over their pieces. To win, you'll have to think outside the board . . .

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