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Daily Illuminator

August 21st, 2014: Crowdfunding Focus: Eight-Minute Empire

I got to play Eight-Minute Empire, by Ryan Laukat, at the game room here at Worldcon. I got back to my computer and turned to the Internet to learn more, and found out that not only is there a second version called Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, but a supplement for Legends is on Kickstarter now.

If you have the game already, the supplement would be a good bet. And if you've never played Eight-Minute Empire, I recommend it! It takes several standard Euro mechanics and blends them elegantly, making for an area-control game that's very easy to learn but still challenges the players to make good decisions. From the very first turn, you see the end of hte game looming, and you can't do everything at once! I haven't been in a game that finished in eight minutes yet, but we've never taken more than 20.

-- Steve Jackson

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e23 News

February 10th, 2014: It's Coming Soon . . .

If you've kept up with the news -- and we bet you have! -- you already know that the overhauled version of Warehouse 23 to include e23 is due Very Soon Now.

If you missed the news, then here's the announcement from last week. Soon, yes, soon you shall be able to explore the new Warehouse 23 . . . if you dare. (And . . . um . . . we really hope you dare.)

-- Steven Marsh

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Munchkin News

August 18th, 2014: Recapping Gen Con

As this posts, it's Monday morning and I'm probably on my way to the airport for a way-too-early flight back to Austin. Poor me, having to spend the entire time at Gen Con having fun with my friends.

Thank you to everyone who attended my panels! I hope y'all had a good time and maybe learned a few things, too.

The Munchkin Tavern was a huge success, once again, and I'd like to thank all the SJ Games staff who worked there, all the folks from Tavern on South who let us take over the joint, and of course all the fans who came in and made merry. I expect we'll be doing this again pretty soon.

Of course, the BIG news items from Gen Con were our announcements! In case you missed some of them, here's a summary:

  • Katie Cook will be illustrating our first booster in 2015, Munchkin Love Shark Baby. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Next year's Munchkin core game will be Munchkin Steampunk. Steve wrote it, Devin's playtesting it, and Phil Foglio will be illustrating it for us. Expect it next summer.
  • We're partnering with Atlas Games to create Munchkin Gloom. This will be a Gloom game using Munchkin monsters, designed by Gloom creator Keith Baker. Expect it next summer as well.
  • Four lucky folks who had dinner with Fireside Games went home with advance copies of Munchkin Panic. I'm envious!
  • Next spring, USAopoly will be following up Munchkin Adventure Time with Munchkin Adventure Time 2 -- It's a Dungeon Crawl! We're discussing next year's core set, but as of right now, we aren't quiiiiiite ready to make that announcement.

What's really scaring me is that we're already planning our big announcements for next Gen Con . . . leading into 2016 and the 15th anniversary of Munchkin. We have some epic plans in store, none of which I can tell you about right now. Ask me in a year!

-- Andrew Hackard

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Munchkin Silver Piece

August 1st, 2014: Munchkin 2014 Silver Piece Rule For August 2014

Meta-rule for all of 2014: if you are playing Munchkin Apocalypse, or a blended game that includes Apocalypse cards, you may use the 2014 Silver Piece to Open or Close a Seal, your choice. Give the Silver Piece to the next player to successfully Run Away from a monster. As usual in Apocalypse, this rule cannot be used to reverse the opening of the Seventh Seal.

In any variety of Munchkin, including Munchkin Quest, you may "spend" the 2014 Silver Piece to block the use of any other promotional or accessory item (defined, in this case, as anything that has a Munchkin/MQ rule but is not a Munchkin/MQ card). You can even use your Silver Piece to block the use of another Silver Piece, of this or any year. Exception #1: If the use of the item requires its destruction or consumption, you cannot block its use once that destruction or consumption has begun. Exception #2: You cannot prevent the use of a Boon from the Munchkin Level Counter app.

Give the Silver Piece to the player whose plans you have just thwarted. He keeps the coin and cannot use the item he was trying to use for the rest of that game.

You may only use one Munchkin coin per game unless a rule says otherwise. This one does not.

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Ogre News

July 23rd, 2014: OGRE Rules Now Available In German

[Image]We're pleased to announce that, as part of a stretch goal on the OGRE Designer's Edition Kickstarter, we now have a German translation available for download at Warehouse 23. It includes the rulebook, scenario book, and reference sheet, and is ready for print and play!

As always, we're blown away by your support of OGRE, and we're looking forward to hearing about epic OGRE battles from our friends across the Atlantic.

-- Leonard Balsera

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Traveller News Service

February 16th, 2013: Capital/Core 047-1130

The Imperial Navy announced today that the private cruiser Sargon, formerly the private transport of the deceased Archduke Dulinor, will be returned to Archduchess Isis, his daughter and heir. Dulinor was killed in 1116 while shuttling to the surface of Capital in one of Sargon's small craft, which exploded while entering far orbit. The cruiser has been in Imperial custody since the day of the assassination, under guard at an undisclosed Imperial Naval facility, but was recently released back to the Archduke's family, as the Naval investigators feels no further evidence in the crime will be forthcoming. Archduchess Isis is not in system at the present, but her office issued a press release announcing that a crew will be provided to return the vessel to Illelish, but gave no further details.

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Warehouse 23 News

August 21st, 2014: More Reason To Explore The Stars!

More ships! More options! More possibilities! It must be a new issue of Captain's Log #36 on Warehouse 23! Boldly go with more of what you love about Star Fleet Battles. And for even easier, faster play, pick up the color SSDs of the ships from this supplement. It's all just a download away, from Warehouse 23!

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April 14th, 2014: *NEW* Munchkin Journal Pack 1 and +6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies

Munchkin Journal Pack 1 We have two new great Munchkin accessories here for you.

The Munchkin Journal Pack 1 has three Munchkin notebooks to chronicle your adventures and mishaps. You'll find art from Munchkin, Star Munchkin, and Munchkin Cthulhu in this journal pack.

+6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies The +6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies comes with six zombie Munchkin pawns and two new cards for Munchkin Zombies.

Get them both from Warehouse 23.

-- James Holder

  • Buy Boosters, Get a Card

    We'll send you a unique Munchkin card, not available anywhere except through this offer.

    All you have to do is send us five UPCs from Munchkin boosters, 2.00 USD (check or money order) for shipping and handling (add 1.00 USD outside the United States), and the official form filled out with your shipping information.

    To learn more about this promotion, visit the official website!

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