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Daily Illuminator

February 25th, 2017: SJ Games Is Heading To ECCC!


We're off to the Emerald City (Seattle, not the one from Munchkin Oz), where there will be celebrities, panels, cosplay, and lots of gaming! Andreas and Guy are heading to Emerald City Comic Con, March 2-5 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, to show off our latest games!

Munchkin fans will have plenty of new games to see! We'll be running Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Edwin Huang; Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition with the new Munchkin Pathfinder 2 – Guns and Razzes, both illustrated by Shane White; and Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, featuring the art of Lar deSouza.

Another classic, Ogre Sixth Edition, the game of future tank warfare, rumbles into Emerald City Comic Con, crushing everything before it. If you like to press your luck, then you can play one of Gotham City's greatest supervillains in Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game!

Do you have to pass an oral history report? Then brush up for your test with our most excellent, giant-sized copy of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame. Meanwhile, fans of Simon's Cat can enjoy feline hijinks with the Simon's Cat Card Game. Match the color or number on the cards to avoid taking the trick. Take the most tricks, and you get blamed for all the messes! Attendees with a sweet tooth will be able to get a sneak peek of Ghosts Love Candy, plus pick up an early copy (it won't be out until June).

ECCC attendees will be able to get some other early-release titles, too, like Munchkin Pathfinder 2 – Guns and Razzes and Munchkin Curses. And if you show us #ECCCSuperMunchkin on social media, there'll be extra swag! 

We're going to have a lot of fun at Emerald City Comic Con, so come by, say "hi!", and play our most excellent games. See you there!

-- Al Griego

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Munchkin News

February 20th, 2017: Loren Wiseman

It's rare that I use this space for non-Munchkin news, but some of you may have missed it and others may not have recognized its significance.

Gaming lost one of its pioneers last week when Loren Wiseman passed away. Loren's start in the hobby came in 1974 when his first wargame design was published. He was a founder of Game Designers Workshop (later just GDW) and helped design the very first well-known SF roleplaying game, Traveller, a game still being supported with new content four decades later. We were privileged to create a GURPS version under Loren's guidance, and I had the honor of working with him on several GURPS Traveller supplements in the early 2000s.

Loren was one of the very first people I met when I started at SJ Games back in April 2000. Many others have known him for much longer, or have grown up with his work on Traveller, Twilight: 2100, D&D, and many other games over the years. He was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame in 2003 and richly deserved that honor and more.

It makes me sad that Loren won't get to see Munchkin Shakespeare; he would have loved it.

Ave atque vale, Loren.

-- Andrew Hackard

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Munchkin Silver Piece

January 1st, 2015: Munchkin Silver Piece Rule Archive

We have decided not to release a 2015 Munchkin Silver Piece. The Silver Pieces you already have are still usable, however; each coin can use the rule matching the current month and the year of the coin. You can find all the previous rules on the Silver Piece rule archive.

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Ogre News

February 24th, 2017: Ogre Reinforcement Pack

Continuing our 40th Anniversary of Ogre trip down the cybernetic memory lane, we present the Ogre Reinforcement Pack. First published in 1987, and later re-released in 2000, this supplement to Ogre and G.E.V. introduced towing rules and random Ogre damage, as well as reprinting from The Ogre Book the stats for the "other" Ogres: Marks I, II & VI, plus the Fencer.

Arguably the best part of this supplement were the three new scenarios. Played on multi-map layouts, each introduced new ideas to the game. "The Day After" leveraged the new towing rules, whereas "Body Blow" took advantage of having four maps and a huge number of counters available for a scenario. Finally, "Fake Out" had the unique design of allowing one player to know what the goal of the scenario was while keeping the other in the dark. A personal favorite!

Historically a difficult supplement to find, we are pleased to make this pdf available to all. Although some of the rules have been altered and replaced by those within Ogre Designer's Edition and the new Vulcan rules, there is much to enjoy here. The scenarios are easily adaptable to the current editions of Ogre, and offer hours of enjoyment. The Ogre Reinforcement Pack - when you just want more!

-- Drew Metzger

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Texas Brick Railroad

August 26th, 2016: Tony Sava at Bricks Cascade

Tony Sava has been invited to be the keynote spaaker at Bricks Cascade, March 11-12 in Portland, OR.

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Traveller News Service

February 16th, 2013: Capital/Core 047-1130

The Imperial Navy announced today that the private cruiser Sargon, formerly the private transport of the deceased Archduke Dulinor, will be returned to Archduchess Isis, his daughter and heir. Dulinor was killed in 1116 while shuttling to the surface of Capital in one of Sargon's small craft, which exploded while entering far orbit. The cruiser has been in Imperial custody since the day of the assassination, under guard at an undisclosed Imperial Naval facility, but was recently released back to the Archduke's family, as the Naval investigators feels no further evidence in the crime will be forthcoming. Archduchess Isis is not in system at the present, but her office issued a press release announcing that a crew will be provided to return the vessel to Illelish, but gave no further details.

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Warehouse 23 News

February 25th, 2017: Take Over The World When You Play Illuminati

You are the puppetmasters of the world in this game of competing conspiracies! In Illuminati, two to six players vie to take control of groups like the FBI, the Boy Sprouts, and the Congressional Wives. Increase your wealth and power, and take over more groups, until one player reigns supreme! Each Illuminati group has a unique victory condition. Scheme, plot, and strategize your way to world domination.

But first, you'll have to get it on Warehouse 23!

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