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Subjects Currently Off-Limits

Last Updated: August 15, 2017

Proposals regarding the subjects below are subject to automatic rejection at this time. Such projects are currently unavailable – usually because they don't meet our current needs, but possibly because they are already in progress or are part of our secret plans. Fnord. If you send us a query regardless, we cannot promise a reply – sorry!

  • Printed GURPS books. Yes, we still publish these, but such projects are "by invitation only": we decide what we want written and select somebody specific to write it. Please confine your queries to PDFs. Thank you!
  • Items for GURPS series not on the wish list. A few of our PDF series work on a "by invitation only" basis as well.
  • Full-length campaign settings. We post these on the wish list when we are looking for them. If your mind runs in this direction, why not submit a mini-setting for the Hot Spots or Locations series?
  • Revisions and new editions. These, too, appear on the wish list when we feel their time has come.
  • Licensed properties. Negotiations on licensed properties start by acquiring the license – not with a proposal from an interested writer. This is true not just for new licenses but also for supporting materials for existing ones.
  • Works in progress. Please check our site regularly for works in progress. In particular, we often discuss our GURPS plans here. There's no point in proposing a project for which we've already signed a contract!
  • Card and board games. Please see this page for an explanation.

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