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Subjects Currently Off-Limits

Updated July 23, 2010

Proposals regarding the subjects below are subject to automatic rejection at this time! They are currently unavailable – whether because they're already in progress, don't meet our current needs, or are part of secret plans that we aren't going to discuss with anyone. Fnord. If you decide to send us a query anyhow, we'll ignore it. You have been warned!

  • Print books. Print books have such a high overhead that we simply can't afford to gamble on unsolicited proposals. Sorry! Proposals for PDFs only, please.
  • Licensed properties. Negotiations on licensed properties start by acquiring the license – not with a proposal from an interested writer! If you don't see the license on the wish list, it isn't up for grabs. This is true for both currently licensed properties and new licenses.
  • Revisions and new editions. These will be posted on the wish list when we feel their time has come.
  • Settings. At this time, the only full-length campaign settings we desire are those we specifically request. If your mind runs in this direction, why not submit a mini-setting for the Hot Spots, Infinite Worlds, Locations, Space Atlas, or Thaumatology series?
  • Items for GURPS series not on the e23 wish list. A few of our PDF series work on an "invitation only" basis. GURPS Creatures of the Night is in that situation at this time.
  • Works in progress not listed here. Please check our site regularly for other works in progress. There's no point in proposing a project for which we've already signed a contract!
  • Card and board games. Please see this page for an explanation.

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