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In Nomine Writers' Guidelines

Updated February 12, 2001

Version 1.5 (1.0 having been mangled down to point 3.)

If you want to write something for In Nomine, please read these guidelines, entirely, and comply with them. In particular, if I receive something that indicates you have not, I may simply ignore the material so sent and never reply to you at all. You Have Been Warned.

#1: Go and read the Author Solicitation Page, Style Guidelines, and the Coding Guide.

Back already? Okay, I'll trust you. Just make sure that you really did. Now, In Nomine doesn't follow the Style Guide in all circumstances, but it does in most of them. When in doubt . . .

#2: Read the In Nomine Stylesheet.

#3: Okay, back to the regular Style Guide. Common errors that I see are . . .

  • Improper capitalization and plurals for Choirs/Bands, etc. The plurals are accurate on the Stylesheet, above, as are the capitalizations. (I believe there may be one error or missing snippet somewhere in that sheet. Should you happen to stumble across it, remind me that the stylesheet is in error.)
  • Use of "that" instead of "who." E.g., "Archangels that like Christianity." Use "that" for inanimate objects or, occasionally, animals. Use "who" for sapient beings. (Archangels, angels, Princes, demons, and souls are all sapient. Don't refer to them as "that.")
  • Overuse of "celestials," "angels," "demons," and "Servitors." It's natural, it's hard to avoid, but we all need to try. Some additional synonyms are "minion" and "servant." Another thing to watch is designating Servitors of a Superior - try to vary between "of [Name]" and "of [Word]," or use some of the less formal usages. (E.g., Gamesters, Laurencians, Kobalites.)
  • Standard SJ Games format for "-ward" words is "-ward." E.g., toward, afterward, forward. Don't use towards, afterwards, forwards, etc.

#4: Format.

  • Many authors have email, and can submit material in that form. Always query first, to make sure that I am not out of town, already assigning the material you're interested in, or otherwise unable to accept it at that time.
  • Never, ever, send me (Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor) something as an attachment unless you have gotten my permission in advance. I use Eudora Pro as my email reader, it dumps attachments into another folder, and I have to go looking for it. If I give you permission to send me an attachment, be sure it is clearly labled! ("Chapter1.txt" tells me nothing.)
  • As a subset of the above, only send me plain ascii text. I don't want to see HTML-email, or weird MIME formats. Don't use accented characters or "smart-quotes." (Also called "curly-quotes.") They show up as ugly little boxes. (The reason for this is because those use "8-bit ascii" - there are "unassigned" addresses above the standard 7-bit stuff, which are interpreted differently for each program. It may look like a "..." or an em-dash to you, but it will look like Greek (literally; a greek letter), a question mark, or an ugly blank box to me.)
  • Paragraphing for submissions - double-space between paragraphs, as even with tabs, large chunks of text in email are hard to read. For the actual work, you will be using a WYSIWYG MS Word template (provided upon acceptance of the proposal). See the Coding Guide again. If you cannot use MS Word, the Line Editor will give you a mutant combination of the old Quark codes and HTML to follow, which will allow her to convert the work to the template.

#5: Very In Nomine Specific Comments

  • We have plenty of check digit tables now, and I am hoping to eliminate some of the existing ones in the Angelic Player's Guide. Try to avoid adding new ones, unless it's for a Song that absolutely needs them. Certainly don't add them for anything you expect will be use frequently.
  • Essence uses numerals - "spend 3 Essence," not "spend three Essence."
  • Remember that in Hebrew, the syllables "-iel," "-el," "-iah," and "El-" frequently mean "of God" or "of the Lord." Few demons will wish to have a name that claims they belong to or serve God. Unless there is a good reason to use an "-iel" name for a demon, don't, even if it's a made-up pseudo-Hebrew name. (If it is a recognizable name that does not have a religious meaning, that's acceptable - but research it!)

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