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Out-of-Print Product List: Chez Geek Family

These items are no longer available through distribution channels, although limited quantities may still be available through Warehouse 23. You can see our full list of in-print and upcoming items for this line on this page, see our other product lists below, or return to the main retailer page.

StockTitleComponentsVideosRulesSafety ReportSell Sheets

Chez Dork Second Edition coverChez Dork Second Edition
Stock number 1340
SRP: $24.95

Chez Geek 3: Block Party coverChez Geek 3: Block Party
Stock number 1336
SRP: $16.95



Chez Greek coverChez Greek
Stock number 1352
SRP: $16.95


Chez Grunt coverChez Grunt
Stock number 1353
SRP: $16.95

StockTitleComponentsVideosRulesSafety ReportSell Sheets

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