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Welcome to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else! GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for almost two decades. The new Fourth Edition makes it even better!

More than 1,500,000 copies are in print – not counting foreign editions. GURPS Lite, a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules, is available for free download. We also have dozens of GURPS adventures and e-books available on Warehouse 23.

Whatever your favorite roleplaying genre might be, GURPS can handle it. More about GURPS . . .

New GURPS Releases

Here are the last 15 GURPS supplements (including reprints and new editions) we have released, either in print or electronically. Click on a cover to go to that product's page.

Pyramid #3/73: Monster Hunters II (November 2014) GURPS High-Tech: Adventure Guns Pyramid #3/72: Alternate Dungeons (October 2014) GURPS Deathwish GURPS Voodoo
GURPS Magic: Death Spells The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, Volume One: The East Coast Pyramid #3/71: Spaceships II (September 2014) GURPS Ultra-Tech: Weapon Tables GURPS Rogues
GURPS Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival (August 2014) GURPS Warriors How to Be a GURPS GM Pyramid #3/69: Psionics II (July 2014)


A Head Start On Autumn

No, I'm not crazy . . . I don't want (Northern Hemisphere) summer to end. However, getting an early start on a GURPS News update is never a bad thing. I must confess to having an ulterior motive as well: getting one last chance to mention that August 19, 2014 marked the 10th birthday of GURPS Fourth Edition!

With my dark secrets out of the way, let's move on to the customary roundup of new releases. I'll start by listing the latest digital publications for GURPS on Warehouse 23:

  • Horror: The Madness Dossier is where Ken Hite updates (and greatly expands) his popular Horror, Third Edition campaign frame for use with GURPS Fourth Edition. That's how the history books will remember it, anyway . . .
  • How to Be a GURPS GM is packed with practical advice for GURPS Fourth Edition GMs of all experience levels – and many of its tricks are just as useful to gamers who prefer other systems or who play but never run RPGs.
  • Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills tackles one of the neater Fourth Edition concepts by compiling all the wildcard skills published so far, showing how to design new ones, and adding optional rules to give them more oomph.

Not everything we do has "GURPS" on the title page. A lot of the most interesting ideas for the game appear in Pyramid. Each issue supports a specialized genre or a favorite supplement, or simply gives a bunch of talented writers a place to share their craziness with you. Consider the last three:

  • Pyramid #3/68: Natural Magic (June 2014) looks beyond the castles and dungeons of fantasy to take magic back to where it all started: the world's wild places.
  • Pyramid #3/69: Psionics II (July 2014) is packed with new psi abilities, novel approaches to psionic gifts, and setting elements to drop into game worlds that feature such powers.
  • Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival (August 2014) celebrates that 10th birthday I mentioned. Eight influential GURPS Fourth Edition writers (Dell'Orto, Levine, Marsh, Pulver, Punch, Riggsby, Stoddard, and Vortisch) offer new thoughts on old ideas.

Again, don't let the absence of "GURPS" in the title deceive you – all of the above still count as digital GURPS supplements. We work hard to hold Pyramid to our usual high standards, and its issues never go "out of print." Arguably it's even better, because you can opt to subscribe so that you don't overlook cool stuff.

Not everything that's new is new new. We've converted yet more older print products to digital form in an effort to complete the GURPS Classic collection. Recent (stabby, shooty, fighty) additions are:

But enough about what you, the loyal customer, doubtless know about and have already purchased! What's next? What are our plans for between now and Fourth Edition's 11th birthday? Here are some teasers, hints, and leaks – all of them speculative and subject to change thanks to the mysteries and vicissitudes of publishing.

  • Pyramid will keep on going like the juggernaut it is. Issue #3/71 is already in editing and I'm fairly sure I know what #3/72 is going to be.
  • Two projects that were stuck for years just got cleared for September upload. If you're reading this in September, you'll know what they are. Until then, all I can say is that I'm talking about a major errata fix and a related supporting item.
  • Hans-Christian Vortisch's High-Tech: Adventure Guns has moved to prepress and looks good for an early autumn release.
  • I have a grim, nasty little Magic volume in prepress. That, too, should be revealed before terribly late this fall.
  • Jason "PK" Levine's Power-Ups 8 is also all but finalized and likely to show up on the near side of winter.
  • Phil Masters' second edition of the Discworld Roleplaying Game is still progressing as well as its great size (400+ pages) allows, and I've heard word of breakthroughs on the art and proofreading fronts.
  • I'm willing to let slip that we have a few new goodies wending their way through the system – one apiece for the Dungeon Fantasy, Powers, and Transhuman Space series. These are far enough out that I'm going to stop here.

As always, I have a longer, fuller list in my secret files, but I can't share that with you. I might change my mind in a Friday evening post to the GURPS thread in my blog, though. In fact, that's generally a good place to look when you've been staring at this page for a month or two and nothing has changed!

Finally, I'll ask the writers out there not to forget about the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated March 4, 2014) and Pyramid Wish List (updated April 15, 2014). These are likely to be updated in the near future, so I'd caution against getting too attached to anything specific, but Pyramid is never a bad bet. If you decide to get involved, please download the latest GURPS formatting guide and GURPS WYSIWYG template before you start. Thanks!

Sean Punch

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