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Welcome to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else! GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for almost two decades. The new Fourth Edition makes it even better!

More than 1,500,000 copies are in print – not counting foreign editions. GURPS Lite, a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules, is available for free download. We also have dozens of GURPS adventures and e-books available on Warehouse 23.

Whatever your favorite roleplaying genre might be, GURPS can handle it. More about GURPS . . .

New GURPS Releases

Here are the last 15 GURPS supplements (including reprints and new editions) we have released, either in print or electronically. Click on a cover to go to that product's page.

Pyramid #3/77: Combat (March 2015) GURPS Boardroom and Curia Pyramid #3/76: Dungeon Fantasy IV (February 2015) GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses Pyramid #3/75: Hero's Jackpot (January 2015)
Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar Pyramid #3/74: Wild West (December 2014) GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations Pyramid #3/73: Monster Hunters II (November 2014) GURPS High-Tech: Adventure Guns
Pyramid #3/72: Alternate Dungeons (October 2014) GURPS Deathwish GURPS Voodoo GURPS Magic: Death Spells The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, Volume One: The East Coast


10 Down, 20 To Come

As the previous GURPS News update mentioned, August 19, 2014 was the 10th birthday of GURPS Fourth Edition. This coming August marks a noteworthy decade as well: my 20th year as GURPS Line Editor. That means I might – might – know what I'm talking about when it comes to GURPS. Let's see if I can prove it.

First, I'll round up the new Warehouse 23 originals released for GURPS over the past quarter:

  • Ultra-Tech Weapon Tables summarizes just the stats for the shooty, stabby, 'splody bits from Ultra-Tech. The latter book got a major update to fix errata back in September, by the way – if you bought the PDF, download a fresh copy to get the latest version and you'll find a copy of these tables bundled with it!
  • Magic: Death Spells is a killer product. Okay, I'm the author, so I might be exaggerating; perhaps it's merely pretty good. But its spells do take Magic in a lethal new direction, which may or may not fit your definition of "good," depending on who's casting.
  • High-Tech: Adventure Guns is Hans-Christian Vortisch's latest High-Tech expansion, bringing you an arsenal of firearms from the mid-19th through early 20th centuries. No Wild West or Victorian adventurer should be without it!
  • Power-Ups 8: Limitations, by our own Jason "PK" Levine, collects all the general limitations published since the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition, adds new tricks and clarifications, and tops it off with a few words on other point-saving measures (notably a handy generalization of alternative abilities).

Meanwhile, we kept building Pyramids. With the help of slave laborers our loyal freelancers, we were able to bring you these exciting issues over the past few months:

Remember that these and all issues of Pyramid are GURPS supplements as well, held to our usual editorial standards, vetted for rules compatibility, and kept constantly "in print." The only difference from other GURPS releases is that you can subscribe if you want. You never have to do that, but doing so will certainly help to ensure that the 'zine keeps going!

All this new material doesn't mean we ignored our GURPS Classic efforts. We made the following old things new again:

Which brings us to the part of the update where I try to see the future. This is the real test of my Line Editor powers. Be warned, though – this next list is GURPS Yet To Come, so it's one possible future, not a locked-in guarantee.

  • Pyramid will go on. In fact, the last thing I did before writing this update was review Pyramid #3/74, which may well be out by the time you get here. I'm confident that we'll see #3/75, #3/76, and so on.
  • Phil Masters' second edition of the Discworld Roleplaying Game has made it over just about all of the remaining art and proofreading hurdles. The next quarter is still too soon, but the middle of 2015 looks promising.
  • Phil Masters also has two Transhuman Space volumes in the works. One is almost ready to upload while the other is in the process of review and revision.
  • Bill Stoddard, like Phil, has two projects in the pipeline. The first is a Powers item, which is in final production. The second is a Social Engineering supplement, which Bill is currently revising.
  • And Matt Riggsby makes it a trend, with a supplement I can't name in production and his latest Dungeon Fantasy project in the writing stage.
  • Speaking of Dungeon Fantasy, Peter Dell'Orto is revising a draft, while Christopher Rice and Antoni Ten Monrós are almost done writing another.

The full list is longer and includes more details on authors and titles, but I have to keep that under wraps. Keep watching the GURPS thread in my blog for further hints. Think of that as the weekly supplement to this quarterly report.

Finally, all the writers out there should keep their eyes on the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated March 4, 2014) and Pyramid Wish List (updated September 18, 2014). Odds are good that the former will be significantly updated and overhauled sometime in the new year, so it would be best to hold off on that and focus on Pyramid. Whatever you decide, please download the latest GURPS formatting guide and GURPS WYSIWYG template before you start. Thanks!

Sean Punch

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