Roleplayer #11, August 1988


We are planning a GURPS Space supplement, Ultra Tech, with literally hundreds of science-fiction gadgets and weapons. And we want YOUR suggestions. We'll consider absolutely ANY ultra-tech, super-scientific gadget you can think of.

The ground rules:

(1) Devices do not have to be absolutely unique and original; that would be too much to ask. But they shouldn't be stolen. If your submission is (for instance) physically just exactly like Larry Niven's variable-sword, works the same way, and has the same scientific explanation, calling it a "variable-knife" won't get it into the book; it's still plagiarism. And that goes double for devices that originate in other SF games! Thou shalt not steal . . .

On the other hand, if your favorite book has a device you like, and you adapt and change it, making it more useful (or giving it interesting limitations) . . . then you have put creative effort into your submission, and that's what we want to see. Or, as we did in Space . . . if everybody has a blaster, it's perfectly all right to use the name for something that blasts, and it's a "friendlier" name than Ergonomic Man-Portable Pulsar Emulator.

(2) If we get duplicate submissions, we'll use the first one we receive. But when we get several similar submissions, we may combine features from more than one in the final book.

(3) All submissions become property of SJ Games and none can be returned.

(4) Any submission that is used at all, even in part, will earn its author credit in the front of the book. Anyone who gets three or more gadgets accepted substantially as submitted will get a copy of the book when it appears – autographed by the editors, with our thanks! Anyone who sends in a huge number of usable submissions will impress us appropriately, and we'll find a fitting way to show our appreciation.

(5) All submissions must follow the template below. This gives the necessary minimum information for an ultra-tech gadget. If more information is necessary to let players and GMs use a particular device, give it!

For examples, see the Gadgets chapter of Space. In general, follow the style used in that book. You should not submit anything until you've read Space!

Name (TLx): General description of the gadget: how big it is, what it looks like, how it is used. Specific rules for controlling its use: give hard numbers (ranges, weights carried, time to put on/take off, and so on).

If applicable, give skill bonuses or penalties for specific modes of use.

If the device changes, in appearance or utility, at higher TLs, give the specifics. Try to keep it very simple.

If the device requires energy (and most do), what size cell does it use? How many? How many uses is a cell good for (or how long does it last in constant use)?

$ cost; (weight) lbs.

For weapons, add all ranges (in tabular form) and other information as given in the format on p. S55. This includes cost, weight, reloads, and legality class – everything on the table.

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