Roleplayer #2, June 1986

Take Your Pick

In Man to Man, a pick (or other swinging/impaling weapon) has a chance of getting stuck when it strikes a foe. These rules will be slightly modified in the GURPS Basic Set. The revisions:

(1) When you hit with a pick, you must wait until you next turn to attempt your ST roll to free it. If you free the pick, you can re-ready it on the following turn.

(2) When the pick comes free, it does half as much damage as it did in the original wound. For example, if the final damage done by the original wound was 4 or 5 hits, it does another 2 hits when it is pulled free.

(3) If you cannot pull your pick free during combat, your attempts do your foe no extra damage (for game purposes). After combat, you will be able to recover the pick if perchance your foe is lying around the battlefield.

(4) If your weapon is stuck in a foe, and he tries to move away, roll a quick Contest of Strength. If your foe wins, he pulls the weapon out of your hands. If you win, your foe can't move. If you tie, the weapon comes loose and does damage as in #2 above.

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