Roleplayer #2, June 1986


SJ Games now has its own computer bulletin board system. We are running T-Net BBS software on an Apple IIe with 10-Meg Sider and a Novation AppleCat.

For now, the board is up from 6pm to 8am Central Standard Time, at 300 baud only. When the bugs are shaken out, we expect to go 24-hour and add 1200 baud.

There is no charge for membership, and all but the highest clearances are open to anyone who wants to call in. Two sub-boards are devoted to MTM/GURPS – on general discussion board, and one ongoing game (limited participation). There are a lot of other sub-boards, too – call and see.

You can call SJG-BBS at 512-447-4449. If you get a busy signal, keep trying – we expect a lot of callers. See you there!

[The SJG-BBS has been replaced by – calling may not get anything . . . –]

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