Roleplayer #20, June 1990

Next Issue: 32 Pages!

by Steve Jackson

All right! It's really happening. This is the last issue of the "newsletter" Roleplayer. Starting next issue, it's a magazine. All subscriptions received as of June 20 were honored at the $2.00 rate; from now on, it's $3.50 per issue, just like Autoduel Quarterly.

This newest incarnation of Roleplayer will have 32 pages, plus its cover – double its current page count. Most of that extra space will go into more articles. We will make a point of increasing the space for GURPS Q&A, too. We will not sell ads, or run big ads for our own products – except in the sense that the whole magazine is an ad for GURPS, of course – and if you didn't like that, you wouldn't be reading this.

We have been discussing the idea of adding regular features like a Bestiary column and an "NPC of the month" – maybe an interesting historical individual, maybe someone's invention. We might even give game stats for fictional characters, but only by permission of the character's original creator. Feedback on all these ideas would be appreciated. What regular features would you like to see? Or should we forget about regular features, and just run the standard eclectic mix of articles every issue? Write us!

What about theme issues? We'd never devote a whole issue to one genre – but would you like to see occasional issues where, say, half the pages are about fantasy, or cyberpunk, or some other top genre? Or, again, should we just stick with a mixture?

We're really pleased with the way this magazine has developed, and we've done your bidding by increasing the page count. Now it's time for you to give us some more input on what you want to see us publish.

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