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Translation from Chivalry & Sorcery to GURPS

by Brett Slocum


PC Character points = 100 + 2.5*(level – 1), NPC Character points = 20 + 5*min(level, 7) + 10*max(0, level-7), (NPC formula gives 5 points per level from 1st to 7th level, and 10 from 8th on up.)

Players should design their characters at 100 points and then spend the extra points as if they received them during play. (Double cost for increasing attributes.)


C&S Money => 625 copper = 25 silver = 1 gold, GURPS Money => 100 copper = 20 silver = 1 gold.

Convert C&S money into silver pieces, then C&S silver = GURPS $. See Wealth Advantages section below, if starting wealth (including possessions) exceeds $1000.


Since Chivalry and Sorcery uses randomly rolled attributes, the levels of ST, DX, IQ and HT given are guidelines, and therefore optional. Character points must still be spent normally. Since C&S has many more attributes than these four, exceptional levels (high or low) of the additional attributes are translated into GURPS advantages and disadavantages.


C&S Statistic  GURPS Attribute
      1             5
      2-3           7
      4-5           8
      6-7           9
      8-10         10
      11-12        11
      13-14        12
      15-16        13
      17-18        14
      19           15
      20           16
      21           17
      22           18
      23           19
      24           20
      25           21

 C&S Strength      GURPS ST
 C&S Dexterity     GURPS DX
 C&S Intelligence  GURPS IQ
 C&S Constitution  GURPS HT

GURPS Advantages and Disadvantages

As with Attributes, the advantages and disadvantages determined here are guidelines, and therefore optional.

 C&S Wealth               GURPS Wealth
 0-199 SP                 Dead Broke
 200-499 SP               Poor
 500-999 SP               Struggling
 1000-1999 SP             Average
 2000-4999 SP             Comfortable
 5000-19999 SP            Wealthy
 20K-99K SP               Very Wealthy
 >=100K SP                Filthy Rich

 C&S Appearance                            GURPS
 Fair or Attractive (13-17)                Attractive Appearance.
 Handsome/Beautiful or Striking (18-19)    Handsome Appearance.
 Very Handsome/Beautiful (20)              Very Beautiful Appearance.
 Plain (5-7)                               Unattractive Appearance.
 Ugly (4-6)                                Ugly Appearance.
 Frightful or Hideous (1-2)                Hideous Appearance.

 C&S Bardic Voice                   GURPS
 Halting or Inarticulate (1-6)       Stuttering
 Eloquent through Orphic (15-20)     Voice

 C&S Wisdom                       GURPS
 Witless to Unwise (1-7)           Impulsive
 Discerning to Astute (13-16)      Common Sense
 Wise to Visionary (17-20)         Intuition

 C&S Charisma                 GURPS
 Commanding (16-17)           Charisma +1
 Dominant (18)                Charisma +2
 Command Presense (19)        Charisma +3
 Charismatic (20+)            Charisma +4

 C&S Alignment                         GURPS
 Saintly or Devout (1-2) and class
   = (priest or paladin)               Holy Advantage (see Fantasy)

 15-20                                 Bully, Greed, Bloodlust, etc.

 Trained Fighters            Combat Reflexes
  (Knights, Sergeants, Men-at-arms)

 Weapon Bonuses             Weapon skills

Weapons that have C&S weapon bonuses should be considered as candidates for Weapon skills.

Phobias and Ailments         Physical and psychological disadvantages

 Social Class            GURPS Status
 Serf                      -3
  Freeman                   0
  Liveried                 -1
  Merchant                  1
  Shopowner                 0
  Employee                 -1
  Guild Master              2
  Master Craftsman          1
  Journeyman Craftsman      0
  Unlanded Knight           2
  Baron/Landed Knight/Banneret     3
  Earl/Count                4
  Marquis/Duke              5
  Prince/Princess/Councilor 6
  King/Queen                7

Armor and Weapons

As an alternative to strictly translating various weapons and armor into their GURPS equivalents, the value in silver pieces for them can be converted into GURPS $ and then equipment can be bought.


In general, the conversion of weapons is very straight-forward. Some are a little more tricky than that, since GURPS only specifies four sword types: Shortsword, Broadsword, Bastard Sword and Great Sword. Just find the closest weapon in the list.


 None          none
 Soft Leather          Light Leather
 Hard Leather Cuirass  Heavy Leather
 Brigantine/Splint     PD 3, DR 3
 Banded/Scale          Scalemail
 Chainmail Shirt       Chainmail torso armor
 Plate Cuirass         Breastplate or Corselet
 Chain Hauberk         Chainmail armor
 Superior Chainmail    Chainmail with Greaves and Vambraces
 Plate and Chain       Half-Plate
 Full Plate            Plate Armor

 Leather Helmet     Leather helmet
 Conical Helmet     Pot Helm
 Norman Helm        Pot helm
 Bascinet           Greathelm
 Visored helm       Greathelm

 Light Shield      Buckler
 Buckler/Kite Shield  Small – Large Shield
 Magic Weapons
 Ego Swords          Loyal Weapon
 Flaming Swords      Flaming Weapon Item
 Dancing Sword       Dancing Weapon
 Bane Sword          Bane Weapon

Magic Conversion

C&S spells not mentioned do not have GURPS equivalents. Either drop them, or create your own GURPS equivalents. Those spells marked with a question (?) are very loose equivalents.

 C & S Spell         GURPS equivalent spell
 Words of Guard        Ward, Great Ward
 Circle of Protection     Pentagram, Spell Shield,
                Missle Shield, Reverse Missles,
                Scrywall, Force Dome, Utter Dome?

Detection Spells

 Detect Life         Sense Life
 Detect Magick            Detect Magick
 Detect Metal             Seek Earth
 Detect Secret Door       See Secrets
 Detect Traps             See Secrets
 Measure Volume           Measurement
 Detect Enemies           Sense Foes
 Detect Poison            Test Food
 See The Invisible        See Invisible
 Sense The Hidden         See Secrets

Communication And Transportation

 Astral Vision            Wizard Eye
 Fly                      Flight/Hawk Flight
 Passwall                 Body of Air
 Telepathic Command       Soul Rider?
 Telepathy                Telepathy
 Teleport                 Teleport/Teleport Others
 Animal Messenger         Beast Speech?
 Astral Connection        Link
 Levitate                 Levitate
 Magick Carpet            Flight item
 Rope Trick               Levitate item
 Teleportal               Teleport item


Earth spells
 Create                   Create Earth
 Detach                   Shape Earth
 Affix                    Shape Earth
 Concentrate              Earth To Stone
 Remove                   Earth To Air
 Accelerate               Stone Missle

Water spells
 Create                   Create Water
 Detach                   Shape Water, Water Jet
 Affix                    Shape Water
 Remove                   Destroy Water
 Create Rain, Fog         Fog, Clouds, Rain
 Create, Accelerate Ice   Ice Sphere, Ice Dagger,

Fire spells
 Create Fire, Magick Fire Create Fire, Essential Flame
 Detach Fire              Shape Fire, Flame Jet, Breathe Fire
 Affix Fire               Shape Fire
 Remove Fire              Extinguish Fire
 Accelerate Fire          Fireball, Explosive Fireball
 Create Heat/Cold         Heat, Cold
 Create Light/Dark        Light, Cont. Light, Darkness
 Intensify Light          Flash

Air spells
 Create                   Create Air
 Detach                   Shape Air, Air Jet
 Remove                   Destroy Air
 Accelerate               Windstorm, Whirlwind


 Awaken              Awaken
 Charm Person             Charm
 Sleep                    Sleep
 Charm Animals            Beast Soother
 Clumsiness               Clumsiness
 Muscle Spasm             Spasm
 Command Animals          Mammal, Bird, etc. Control
 Hold Person              Control Person
 Summon Animals           Hold Monster         Mammal, Bird, etc. Control?
 Power Word: Stun         Daze
 Berserker Rage           Madness?
 Bravery                  Bravery
 Confusion                Foolishness
 Demoralization           Fear
 Hate                     Madness?
 Love                     Madness?
 Geas                     Geas, Great Geas
 Power Word: Weaken       Fatigue
 Forgetfulness            Forgetfulness
 Power Word: Blind        Strike Blind
 Enchanted Sleep          Mass Sleep?
 Great Command            Enslave
 Power Word: Blast        Lightning


 Blurred Image       Blur
 Detect Illusion          Know Illusion
 Sleight Of Hand          Sleight Of Hand skill
 Wall Of Fog              Simple Illusion
 Cloud Of Dust            Simple Illusion
 Deafness                 Strike Deaf?
 Dispell Fatigue          Lend ST?
 Diminish                 Simple Illusion
 Growth                   Simple Illusion
 Hallucinatory Lanscape   Simple Illusion
 Mirror Self              Simple Illusion
 Trustworthiness          Persuasion
 Illusory Image           Complex Illusion
 Projected Image          Simple Illusion
 Hallucinatory Lanscape   Complex Illusion
 Dispell Illusion         Dispel Illusion
 Disguise                 Illusory Disguise
 Phantasmal Landscape     Perfect Illusion
 Shadow Forces            Phantom Flame
 Djinn Creation           Create Object, Servant, Animal, Warrior?
 Fairy Gold               Create Object?
 True Sight               Mage Sight
 Night Vision             Night Vision
 Hear                     Keen Ears, Farhearing, Keen Hearing advantage
 Ventriloquism            Voices?, Ventriloquism skill
 Astral Lock              Magelock?
 Knock                    Lockmaster, Locksmith
 Silence                  Silence
 Far Sight                Hawk Flight
 Healing                  Minor Healing
 Haste                    Haste, Great Haste
 Strength                 Lend ST?
 Water Breathing          Breathe Water
 Legend Lore              History, Ancient History?
 Reflection               Illusion?
 Shape Change             Shapechange
 Gaseous Form             Body Of Air
 Weakness                 Fatigue
 Curse –    Non-Fatal Disease      Sickness
   Misfortune             Curse
   Fatal Disease          Pestilence
 Create Poison            Poisons skill
 Create Antidote          Poisons skill
 Inflict Grievious Wounds Steal HT?
 Empathic Self Cure       Steal HT
 Summon Werewolves        Beast Summoning?
 Finger Of Death          Deathtouch?
 Possession               Possessi Summon Demon

Specialties within Magician types

Mechanical Artificers
 Animate Object           Animation
 Locate Object            Seeker
 Locate Person            Seeker
 Legend Lore              History, Anc. History?
 Read Languages           Gift of Letters
 Astrology                Divination: Astrology
 Trace                    History, Ancient History, Analyze Magic
 Tarot Deck               Divination: Cartomancy
 Shadow Guide             Skull Spirit
 Command Undead           Control Zombie
 Create Skeleton          Zombie
 Create Zombie            Zombie
 Fear                     Fear
 Speak with the Dead      Summon Spirit
 Paralysis                Paralyze Limb/Total Paralysis
 Summon Demonic Warrior   Summon Demon

Clerical Miracles
 Cure Minor Wounds        Minor Healing
 Purify Food              Purify Food
 Remove Curse             Remove Curse
 Cure Disease             Cure Disease
 Cure Serious Wounds      Major Healing
 Strength of the Holy     Lend ST?
 Cure Grievous Wounds     Major Healing
 Summon Lawful Monster    Beast Summoning?
 Walls of Protection      Create Earth and Fire
 Part the Waters          Shape Water
 Strength of the Holy II  Lend ST?
 The Great Cure           Restoration, Regeneration, Cure Disease

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