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This window allows you to access and modify the most common attributes you’ll work with on most characters. It also provides access to other useful information, such as the name of the character and encumbrance values.

The attributes available are listed on the left side of the window, from ST to Basic Move.

Notice the Edit button near the bottom of the window. If you need to change an attribute for some reason, you can select the attribute, then click this button to edit it. Very Important: You should not edit the names of attributes, as GCA requires attributes to have specific names in order to find them correctly.

There are two smaller buttons next to the Edit button: an up and a down arrow. They allow you to change the values of selected traits.

If you click on an attribute in the attribute list, you can use the up/down buttons to change its level. You’ll see the value in the Pts column change as the attribute changes. You may also notice some of the values in other parts of the window changing as you make changes to various attributes. Most changes will happen “live” as you edit traits in GCA.

You may also change attribute scores in this window by typing them in directly. If you click on a score for an attribute, you can then type in a value. Press TAB or ENTER after you enter the value, and GCA will make the appropriate changes.

Table View

A different version of the Attributes window, Table View, is available by using the tabs at the bottom of the window. If you click the Table View tab, you’ll see the window shown below.

This view shows all the various attributes for the character alphabetically, along with its abbreviation if any, the current score, and points spent.

In this view, you can’t directly type in a score for a stat, but you have the same Edit and up/down buttons at the bottom of the window, so you can still change the scores of many of these attributes. Note that some will be displayed, but will not actually be adjustable.

There may also be some attributes that GCA hides from you, in order to reduce the clutter in the listings. Usually, hidden traits are not ones that you need to be concerned about. You can see hidden traits, if you wish to do so, by selecting Show Hidden Items on the right-click menu.

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