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If you have more than one character loaded into GCA at one time, you will see the name of each of those characters appear as a tab along this strip of the window. The character you are currently working on is shown in bold. You can change to a new character by clicking that characterís tab.

Here is an example of character tabs (the middle row) with multiple characters loaded.

The current character is Dai Blackthorn.

If you look to the far right side of the example, you can see the scroll button for the tabs. Itís indicated with the red arrow here:

This button will let you horizontally scroll through the tabs that are not visible within the window. This will happen if you load a lot of characters, or give them long names.

A similar button will appear on the left side of the tab strip, if you have scrolled to the right.


You can also switch between characters by pressing CTRL+1 for the first character, CTRL+2 for the second, etc, up to CTRL+9 for the ninth character, and CTRL+0 for the tenth character. These shortcut keys will only work for the first 10 characters, in the order displayed in the character tabs.

The Windows menu also has a Switch Character sub-menu, which will allow you to switch to another character loaded at the time.

If you want to switch to a character not currently loaded, you must first load that character into GCA.

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