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This is an advanced feature of GCA, and you should usually not have any reason to use it. Only the more advanced users of GCA should do anything with the tags available here, because it is possible to alter an item to make it unusable in GCA. Itís also possible to create data here that will crash GCA.

This window allows you access to all the tags that currently exist for a particular trait. Only tags that are used by the particular trait being edited are listed here, in alphabetical order. A trait without a name extension will not display it on this listing.

If you wish to add a tag in this window, even a common one such as Name Extension, you must use the Add Tag button to get to the Add Tag window.

You can use the Remove Tag button to delete any tag displayed.

Note that it is possible for you to edit all available tags, even those that GCA will simply recalculate anyway. In those cases, GCAís calculations will take precedence.

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