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The Load-Out Manager window allows you to specify different types of equipment configurations, called “load-outs,” for your character, and to specify which of those you’d like used to calculate the encumbrance load on the character sheet.

At the top of the window are the New… and Delete… buttons. The New… button allows you to create a new load-out, and to name it. This will make the new load-out the active one, and will clear the check boxes from the list. The Delete… button will delete the current load-out (it will ask for confirmation).

Below the buttons is a drop-down list showing the currently selected load-out. This is the active load-out that will be modified as you change items in the list.

In the middle of the window is the equipment included in the current load-out. Any item marked with a check box is included, while those not marked are not included. Click on the check box in order to add or drop a piece of equipment from the current load-out. (To the right of the listing it shows the number of items of each piece of equipment and the weight of that item, or group if more than one is included.)

On the right side of the window, next to the equipment selection area, there are two displays: Load Weight, which shows the total weight of the items included in the current load-out; and Enc. Level, which shows the encumbrance level of the current load-out for your character, if he was carrying everything listed.

Below the equipment list are two buttons allowing you to quickly select or de-select all the items in the equipment list.

At the bottom of the window is a drop-down list for selecting which load-out to use to figure encumbrance for your character. (If you select none, GCA will assume that all the equipment listed is to be figured into encumbrance.)

The displays at the bottom right of the window show the weight of the selected load-out, as well as the encumbrance level.

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