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The Options window allows you to set options in several different areas. You can move between the areas in the Options window by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the window.

If your window isn't big enough, you may have to scroll down to see some of the options in certain areas.

Note that for certain options, GCA can load some settings from data files, so the available options may be changed once a data file is loaded.

Data Sets Tab

This tab lets you select a data set. Note that a set selected here will not be active until the next time GCA is loaded, either by restarting GCA or clicking the Load Now button at the bottom of the tab.

At the top of the tab is the "Choose Data Set at start-up" option. If you turn this on, you will be presented with the Data Sets window when GCA first starts up, before it loads any files. This is a convenient way to make sure you're working with the right set if you use several different data sets on a regular basis.

The Current Data Set drop-down list has all the data sets available from the current data set folder. When you select a data set here, all the data files that it includes will be listed in the Data Files Included list box.

If you want to change to a different folder, or create a new data set, you can click the Browse button to load the Data Sets window.

Windows Tab

The Windows tab allows you to set preferences for the main GCA window and the various trait windows.

For the main window, you can use the section at the top of the tab to specify where, or even if, you'd like to have the Toolbar, Character Tabs, and Window Tabs displayed.

For the child windows, you have just one option for each type of trait: whether to display, or not, the drop-down list for each trait.

You can also allow the name of items in the Available trait lists to extend beyond a single line. This can be convenient at times, but since it also hurts how the lists look, it's a customer option.

The last choice on this tab is to display (or not) the Modifiers button (with the hammer & screwdriver icon) on all trait windows.

Operations Tab

From the Operations tab, you can change some of the basic ways GCA operates.

Under Engine Options:

If you'd prefer to be able to add skills at 0-point level, turn off the "Add skills at minimum cost" option.

If you'd like the "upto limits" on certain traits to prevent you from wasting points on skills or other traits (usually techniques) that can't be raised any higher because of other rules conflicts, leave the "Upto affects points" option turned on.

The "Rule of" option allows you to customize the Rule Of 20 that normally limits defaults from stats to a maximum stat of 20. You can instead have a Rule of 15, or a Rule of 100.

Under Needs Checking, if you turn off the "Auto-add needs items" option, GCA will no longer attempt to add a prerequisite to a trait you just added. This can make adding spells, as just one example, take a lot longer.

Default Character Options Tab

This tab allows you to set a few character-specific things for characters you create in the future.

You can set the default Player Name, choose the default character sheet, and set the default TL used for future characters.

Current Character Options Tab

This tab allows you to set specific options for the currently loaded characters.

You can choose which character to apply settings to by selecting them in the Current Character drop-down list.

Right now, the only setting you can adjust is what character sheet should be used for the character.

Editing/Startup Tab

This tab allows you to select options concerning editing and startup issues:

The first option is whether or not GCA should create a new character when it loads. If you're frequently editing existing characters rather than creating new ones, this can be a time-saver. This option is on by default.

The second option tells GCA that you want to have the Campaign Settings window appear every time you create a new character. This allows you to easily set Tech Level and starting character points before you begin. This option is on by default.

The third option allows you to turn on, or off, Quick View as the primary window. When GCA starts up, it will bring to the front and maximize the Quick View window. This option is on by default.

The fourth option allows you to turn off the Simple Edit window if you prefer the full Edit Items window. This option is on by default.

The last option allows you to drop the level of advantages, perks, disadvantages, and quirks to level 0 without them disappearing from your character sheet. This is convenient when you want to see what effect not having that trait will have on your character, without actually removing it. It's also handy to serve as a reminder that you might be working toward obtaining that trait some day. However, allowing this as standard behavior is often confusing to new users, so it is turned off by default.

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