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Right-clicking with your mouse inside a character’s trait listing will reveal a menu of additional options:

Show Hidden Items: This option will reveal hidden character traits. In the example below, the hidden advantages are in gray. (They are also highlighted in yellow, because they are components of the Dwarf template.)

Show Components: This option will show you the component items that make up other, more complex items on the current trait list. Below is an example, showing the components (highlighted in yellow) of the Dwarf template, from the Character Templates list of the Templates window. (They are also shown in grey, because they are normally hidden.)

Disable Component: This option allows you to specifically disable a component trait of a template. If you select this option when one or more component items are selected, they will be disabled, and any impact they have on the character will no longer apply. Below is an example of a disabled component, with Night Vision from the Dwarf template disabled.

Note that disabling a component has no effect on the price of the template. Also notice that disabling a component generates a new trait, which has the opposite point value of the disabled one. The new trait is considered a part of the template, but is not a component of it in the typical sense, so it is not hidden or highlighted yellow.

Re-Enable Component: This option is the opposite of Disable Component. If you select a component that has been disabled, you can choose this option to re-enable it as part of the template.

Needs Check All <traits>: This option allows you to quickly “needs check” all the current traits. If you right-clicked in the Disads window, for example, you’d see Disads instead of <traits>, as shown in the example above. This function is useful for checking for missing prerequisites after making substantial changes to a character.

Needs Check Marked : This option allows you to quickly “needs check” the selected traits in the current window. As above, <traits> will be replaced with the type of trait that you’re currently working with.

Duplicate Selected: This option allows you to easily duplicate the currently selected trait. The duplicate will be exactly the same as the original trait, including any applied enhancements or limitations. If the first item was a component part of a template, however, the duplicate won’t be.

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