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This window allows you to manage skills for your character. You can add new skills by selecting them in the Available Skills list on the left side, and then clicking the Add button in the middle of the window. You can also double-click on an available skill to add it immediately to the character.

Some traits in the Available list have a wrench icon next to them. When you add this skill to the character, GCA will request additional information from you, before the skill is added. Usually, this is nothing more than a small window requesting a particular specialty, or something similar. If you click Cancel, the requested skill will not be added.

If you select a skill in the Character Skills list on the right, you can remove it by clicking the Remove button in the middle of the window.

Some skills in the Character list may appear in blue text. This means the skill is getting a bonus of some kind – to see exactly what, click on the Edit window.

There are other icons you may find next to skills in the Character list, as follows:

  The skill is defaulted from another skill, or an attribute.
  The skill has missing prerequisites.
  The skill is taboo or has taboo qualities for this character. (You can see the details in the Edit window.)

You may even see two icons displayed at the same time. However, the taboo icon supersedes any other icons.

Near the bottom of the window, on the right side, there is a small group of buttons: the Edit button, a small button with a hammer & screwdriver icon, and an up/down button.

The Edit button will allow you to edit the currently selected skill in the Character list. You can also call up the edit window by double clicking an skill in the Character list.

The button with the hammer & screwdriver icon is the Modifiers button. It will call up the Modifiers window for the currently selected skill directly.

The up/down button allows you to adjust the level of the currently selected skill.

At the top of the window is a drop-down list. This allows you to change the category of skills viewed in the window. The default is "All Categories." If you change it to a specific category, you'll only see skills belonging to that category in both columns.

At the bottom of the window is a long, thin button with an up-caret icon. This will open and close the description area at the bottom of the window. If a skill in the Available list has a description included, it will be displayed here when you click on it.

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