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The various Tools menu options are:

Recalculate Everything: Forces GCA to recalculate all the traits on the character. Technically, this should never be necessary, but in certain situations (such as importing an older character), it may be helpful.

Resynchronize…: Goes through the character and try to match up every trait there with one from the system lists (as shown in the Available lists on the trait windows). If it finds a match, it will copy the information from the system item into the character item (preserving the character’s version’s name and certain required info, such as points spent or levels bought).

This tool is essential for updating all of a character’s traits at one time, rather than having to remove and re-add various traits in order to update them with newer information available in an updated data file.

(GCA stores all the needed information for a trait with the character, so that the character can be viewed and edited correctly even if the data files used to create that character are not available. This means, however, that updated data in a data file will not automatically be applied to the character the next time you load it up. The only way to get the updated data into the character is to resynchronize.)

Validate Fourth Edition Compliance: Loads a valid set of approved GURPS Fourth Edition data files, and then runs a check against the character to make sure that all the traits found on the character match traits found in the Fourth Edition data files.

Validate Against Current Files: Checks the character to make sure that all the traits found on the character match traits found in the currently loaded data files. This is handy for GMs to check characters against their custom campaign data files.

Options…: Opens the Options window.

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