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The various Windows menu options are:

Cascade: Cascades the currently loaded child windows in standard Windows fashion.

Tile: Tiles the currently loaded child windows, trying to make all of them visible in a portion of the total available window space.

Arrange Icons: Arranges the icons of the minimized child windows.

Switch Character: Opens a sub-menu, which lists all the currently loaded characters. You may click on any of the listed characters to make that character the current character.

Recall: Opens a sub-menu, which lists all the currently closed child windows. You may click on any listed window in order to open it again inside the main window. Note that GCA will sometimes have closed windows for you, because there were no available traits to list in them.

Recall All: Opens all of the currently closed child windows.

At the bottom of the Windows menu is a listing of the currently open child windows. You can switch to any listed window by selecting it here, much as you can by clicking the name of the window on the window tabs. The currently active window will have a check mark next to it.

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