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Elysia "Elise" Hollas

Fortune Teller/Thief

Total: 125


(-15) ST 8
(60) DX 15
(45) IQ 14
(-10) HT 9
Thrust 1d-3, Swing 1d-2, Speed 7, Move 7.

Advantages: (40 points)

Double-Jointed, Luck 1 (15 points), Night Vision, ESP Power 5 (Precog Only; 10 points).

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Enemies (Skeptics and/or Police, -10 points), Overconfidence, Skinny, Poor.

Quirks: (-5 points)

Triskadekaphobia (quirk level), plus other superstitious behavior (no walking under ladders, etc.); likes second-story work; too proud to go on welfare; will try to tell true fortunes (Precog) for people she likes; doesn't steal anything on holidays (before and after are fine, though).


Acrobatics-14 (2), Acting-16 (6), Architecture/TL7-12 (0.5), Area Knowledge (home city)-13 (0.5), Brawling-14 (0.5), Climbing-16 (0.5), Disguise-14 (2), Driving (Car)-13 (0.5), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL7-13 (1), Escape-15 (0.5), Fast Draw (Knife)-14 (0.5), Fast-Talk-14 (2), First Aid/TL7-13 (0.5), Holdout-12 (0.5), Knife-14 (0.5), Knife Throwing-14 (0.5), Lockpicking/TL7-16 (6), Merchant/(Black Market)-11 (0.5)/17, Performance-14, Pickpocket-15 (4), Precognition-18 (8 if used consciously) (8), Running-8 (2), Scrounging-13 (0.5), Shadowing-12, Sleight of Hand-14 (2), Stealth-16 (4), Streetwise-15 (4), Traps/TL7-13 (0.5).



Drop the tech skills, and she becomes Illiterate. She might also lose the Precog.

Near Future and Space:

Drop Lockpicking to 1 point and put it into Electronic Operations (Security Systems). Consider dropping her DX a level and putting it into IQ, as gadgets start becoming more important than physical skills.

Elise started life as a fantasy thief, and was somewhat hastily revamped into a character suitable for a Halloween Horror game. (Which never did get finished, more's the pity.) This is where the extra 25 points came from - adding tech and psi, mostly.

Either way, she's basically a street kid who's scraped together enough money to keep body and soul together for all her life. She's pretty good at it, but so far that Luck of hers (and Precog) has only managed to keep her from getting caught; she's never made "The Big Score."

She's easily encountered in her "Fortune Teller" guise, trying to get a glimpse into houses by being invited to kids' birthday parties and the like. Once she has a feel for where the valuables are and what the defenses might be, she breaks in. She's got no compunctions about filching wallets or rummaging through purses, either. Most people are better-off than she is ("Rob from the rich only. They've got the money."), and a girl's gotta eat. If, by some off-chance, she ever managed to get some kind of steady employment (and therefore, a sense of where her next meal was coming from), she might actually develop some moral codes beyond "Elise first" - but this may take a while.

If you took a chainsaw to her, you could probably get her down to 100 points. She'd probably lose the precog (that's about 18 points right there), and some of her skill levels would be lower.

Typical Quotes:

"Shuffle the cards three times, then cut them and let me deal."

"Of course I see the future. You, for instance, are going to visit a hospital soon."

"I often walk around after dark, Officer. It helps me concentrate on the echos of the future."

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