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Hiro Protagonist

from Snow Crash

Total: (at beginning of book) 279-334 Points

Adapted by Michael Vassar (

Attributes (180pts)

ST 12
DX 16
IQ 15
HT 12

Advantages (50-95 points)

Attractive, Reputation: member of Black Sun (+3 to Hackers: Always in Metaverse, Sometimes in "real world" if dressed like avatar), Combat Reflexes, Composed, Mathematical Ability, Peripheral Vision?(Useful for fast driving), Imperial Storm Troopers?NEW(cinematic 30pts all missle attacks versus this character that are not preceded by an aim manuver or fired by a sharpshooter automatically miss), Administrative Rank 5 (can kill avatars with impunity and can keep their owners from using metaverse under that particular identity by not cremating the dead avatars), Patron: Juanita (200+ point character, provides equipment, rarely available)

Disadvantages (-30 to -40 points+whatver loner is worth)

Struggling. Code of Honor hacker-(never exploit freely given information, never respect privacy . . .), Loner 10pts?, Compulsive Behavior-(practicing sword technique), Proud, Sense of Duty towards close friends and companions, OPH? (carries valuable but primitive weapons in public. This can get you mugged, as well as making others uncomfortable.), OPH? minor "gargoil"

Quirks (-5 points):

Unwilling to sell his father's antique sword despite needing the money; Turned on by cameras; Hasn't "found himself" yet - minor mid life crises; Pizza delivery person (calls himself the "deliverator"); Never actually been in serious fight

Skills (79 points):

Driving car 18 (8), Motorcycle medium/heavy16 (1), Force Sword 21 (32/2=16 hobby skill because the things haven't been invented yet), Katana 18 (default from forcesword), Fast Draw katana 16 (.5), Fast Draw guns (.5), Guns 17 (.5), Stealth 16 (2), Acrobatics 14 (1), Swimming 15 (.5), Karate 15 (2), Computer Operation TL8 17 (.5), Computer Programing TL8 21 (10), Computer Hacking TL8 23 (28), Electronics Operation (computers TL8) 16 (.5), Intelligence Analysis/TL8 12 (.5), Shadowing 13 (.5), Area Knowledge cyberspace 21 (6), Shadowing metaverse NEW(M/A defaults to IQ-6 or Computer Hacking-4) 19 (free), Savoire Faire military 14 (.5), Research specialty computer 21 (.5)


Very fine Katana and Wazusashi
State of the art portable computer
Coasta Nostra delivery kit, (includes excellent car, Gauss Needler, and Arachnofiber armour (TL8, very light)


Hiro Protagonist delivers pizza for Coasta Nostra, (30 minutes or less or the delivery person disappears mysteriously). He does freelance spying for the CDC (Central Intellegence Corporation) He was one of the pioneers of the mid TL8 incarnation of cyberspace known as the metaverse, but sold his options just before they took off to help out his mother during economic hard times. He is friends of many influential computer people, and has access to the prestigious Black Sun club, but because he won't accept charity, and couldn't stand the pressures of corporate life, he is himself just getting by.

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