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Bill "The Sandman" Kevitch

Cyberpunk serial killer

Total: 150 points

111: GURPS Cyberpunk Serial Killer
By: Zaphod [45]
Date: 22:17 11/4/91

GURPS Cyberpunk Character (150pts.)

Bill Kevitch a.k.a. "The Sandman"



Acute Taste/Smell +6 (12)
Reputation (Fear, on Street) (5)


Bionic Eyes (semi-obvious, solid black; Infravision, Polarized) (10)
Claw (One hand) (20)
Chip Slot (5)
Karate flip [36] (18)


Bloodlust (-10)
Enemy: Blades (Gang, 6 or less) (-10)
Enemy: Police (6 or less) (-10)
Delusion: That he is an angel of Death (-10)
Illiterate (-10)
Poverty: Struggling (-10)
Social Stigma (obvious bionics) (-10)
Status -1 (- 5)


Black Eyes ('whites',irises, and pupils)
Favors called shots to the eyes for deathblows.
Pentagram tattoo on left torso.
Quiet, rarely speaks to others unless necessary.
A loner.


Acrobatics-14, Acting-12, Area Knowledge (City)-12, Climbing-14, Detect Lies-12, Disguise-13, First-Aid-12, Guns (Needler)-17, Interrogation-12, Karate-15 (20 with flip), Lockpicking-14, Occultism-11, Q-Draw (Claw)-14, Q-Draw (Needler)-14, Shadowing-15, Stealth-16, Streetwise-14, Survival (Urban)-12.

Stats: 110
Advantages: 42
Bionics: 43
Disadvantages: -75
Quirks: -5
Skills: 35
Total: 150

Bill Kevith, a Cyberpunk serial killer, was a character I came up with a couple of months ago and have used on a few solo missions. As a solo character he works great, as well as an adversary for the PCs, but he obviously can't be used in a group mission!

Bill is mentally unstable and every once in a while will hear voices that tell him that a certain person has to die. Usually its someone he passes on the street or meets casually. It never is never someone powerful or conspicous (which is why it is a 10 pt. disadvantage rather that 15 pt. - he rarely places himself in immediate danger when making a killing).

After 'collecting a soul' one day, Sandman discovered several thousand dollars in cash on the body of his victim. With this money he purchased his bionic eyes, choosing the solid black ones because they helped him intimidate people. His bionic claw was purchased in a similiar fashion.

Bill works as a street samurai in order to pay his bills, and has no more reservations about killing on the job than he does in his 'religious duties'.


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