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WBM-Orc "Cyber Orc"

Racial Cost: 25 points

Created by : David Hadar <>

+2 to ST, DX, HT
-2 IQ
Sharp Teeth
Appearance: Ugly
Low Empathy

This is a race mainly for Near Future settings, but could also show up in Space settings.

They were created so human men's blood wouldn't be shed (good cause, but you have to remember that orcs are people...). The army uses them in circumstances where the only thing a soldier has to know is how to shoot. They are ugly and stupid so nobody will care if they die. Now the news only says that the army has lost equipment and don't bother to say that equipment has minds (not to say souls). There are female orcs but they are even more stupid and are used only for bearing young. The "orcs" have created a Language of their own and it is very warlike.

"Cyber Orc" characters

Generic Bioengineered "Cyber Orc" (25 points)
Zogi 276BG, Bioengineered "Cyber Orc" (100 points)

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