Racial Designs for SF&F

These are various racial designs that I've got kicking around (or found on a Web Page somewhere); most of these are aliens, so far, but some fantasy ones are here too. (And I've always wondered what it would be like to do a fantasy campaign using the races from Aliens . . .) I also stuck robotic body designs here, for lack of a better place...

Note: though these pages are located at the Steve Jackson Games web-site, the racial designs contained within are NOT canon! (Except Sparrials, and they've been changed since their Roleplayer days.) Steve Jackson Games has kindly provided the space for these UNOFFICIAL racial-description sheets, but the responsibility for them is mine and the authors'.

(Entries with a "*" are off-site -- I found them somewhere else.)

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Bioenhanced soldiers *

Genetically engineered combat monsters.


Character Classes *

(I could't think where else to put these.)

Chip AIs *

Slot in one of these, cyber-d00d, and you really are trusting someone else with your life...

Cornathi *

Hunted shapeshifters in a fantasy setting.


Dgro-dgri *

A monkey-like race by Stefan Jones.

Dinarri, Alien Invaders *

Humanoid aliens with an assortment of "invader" disads.


Big, scaly, and mean. Designs by Kromm.

Dragonlance Races *

(My, but I'm glad these aren't on my site...) Centaurs, Draconians, Kobolds, and more. There's some more of these from the Misc. Races * link, too -- like Gully Dwarves...


Elves, Sea

A treatment of shy and mysterious Sea Elves.

Enhanced Animals *

From Roleplayer, some templates for sentient animals. The Cat template is lacking some important advantages and disadvantages, from my point of view, but it's a start.


Fantasy Races *

Varient Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and half-breeds. Nice stuff, check it out.


Giganthropus *

A primitive humanoid from Roleplayer.


Halzden *

Six-legged, small aliens, symbiotes with the Tybor.

High Elves

An adaptation of Rolemaster High Elves into GURPS.

Hive Beetles

Practical-joking hive-minded insects. The "queens" are the sentient ones.

Hornath *

A most interesting little symbiote/parasite... trying to take over the universe.

Horses *

From Roleplayer. Ways to make non-sentient horses with plenty of character...

Humans *

Different types of humans, from Roleplayer. Interesting article.


Ifrits *

From Roleplayer again, a race which got clipped from GURPS Fantasy Folk.




Plains-dwelling cat-centaurs, strong and fast. Suitable for hunter-gatherers or rowdy star-farers. I have a couple stories with Kintarans as main characters, in PawPrints .

Kintaran Varient

A more affordable version (intended as the descendents of a crashed clanship).

Kzinti *

Based on Larry Niven's "Known Space" stories (or Man-Kzin Wars series).


Buzz Lightyear Robot (110 model point cost)

Hey, why not....?


Minotaurs *

The very first appearance of same in an SJG product! Roleplayer, of course.

Misc. Races *

An assortment of races, including some (all?) from the Dragonlance series that TSR publishes.

The Molanth (Slaves) *

Very happy creatures -- the "hosts" for the Hornath.

Mythological Races *

Some revisions of "standard" fantasy races, perhaps closer to mythology's versions.



Osmids *

A subjugated alien race from Roleplayer.

Orcs *

A new look at an old foe.

WBM-Orc "Cyber Orc" (25 points)

A bio-engineered combat race; ugly, stupid, cannon-fodder.


Predain Races *

NPC Races
A selection of interesting races for a fantasy campaign being run by Peter Brodt. Note that Kaa (GURPS Aliens) show up, as do versions of drow-like elves, Fairy-creatures, Trolls, and other fun stuff. It looks really neat! You'll probably have to scroll up a bit from where this link lands you, though. [The PC & NPC links, if they work, will be more accurate.]

Prootwaddle *

A critter from The Fantasy Trip, converted by Steffan O'Sullivan.

Puppeteers *

Again, from Larry Niven's "Known Space" stories.



Rakarri, Slaves to the Dinarri *

A slave-race for an alien culture.


Shadowrun Races *

Adapted to GURPS.

Sidhai *

Plant-based humanoids, intended for a Fantasy campaign.


From "Swashbuckling Fire Lizards," a hive-mind race of winged, reptilian, fire-breathing aliens with a penchant for using force-swords as melee weapons of choice.

Silicate System Robots *

A robotic design.

Skulldrakes *

"A draconic PC race for GURPS Fantasy by S.D. Anderson."

33-S Sexaroid

A "cyberdroid" design from Bubblegum Crisis, adapted by the talented David L. Pulver.

Sparrials *

Also from Roleplayer, and then GURPS Space, this race did make it into GURPS Aliens. New racial cost is 15 points, and there are some other changes.


A reptilian race, sort of a cross between Kaa, Klingons, and Jurassic Park's Velociraptors...

Star Trek Races *

Klingons, Romulans, and Vulcans in GURPS terms.

Living Starships *

A really cool writeup for living starships -- actually several symbiotic races.


A fragile-boned, tough-minded humanoid race primarily defined by their Sense of Duty (children).


Takki *

A very small squirrel-humanoid race, intended to live near Ellyon (from GURPS Fantasy Folk). They're Copyright © 1996 by The Forever Man <jstill@primenet.com>.


Blue-skinned humanoids who'd fit into a Star Trek universe. (I.e., humans in blue body paint.)

Tybors *

Large reptilians, in a symbiotic relationship with the smarter Halzden.



Smart reptilian bipeds with a rather complicated life-cycle.

Uplift Races *

Several races that didn't make it into GURPS Uplift -- the Episiarchs, Fonnir, Norruhk, Tytlal, and Klick-klick.




The body-design for a flying robot that can turn invisible and pass for human.



No name yet (got any suggestions?); basically slave-using psionic tribbles. Very cute, very unpleasant.

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