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Silvia Hyde

TL11 corrupt Customs agent

Total: 25 points

Brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles, somewhere in her 40-50's.


(-10) ST 9
(-10) DX 9
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d-1, Speed 4.75,Move 4.

Advantages (12 points):

Legal Enforcement Powers (National Jurisdiction, can perform certain searches, but cannot arrest anyone or carry a weapon on-duty, 5 points), Acute Vision +1, Attractive.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Pacifism: Cannot Kill, Greed, Addiction (IQ Adders, -10 points).

Quirks (-5 points):



Accounting-11 (0.5), Acting-13 (1), Administration-15 (4), Area Knowledge (New Garavar Station)-13 (0.5), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-10 (0.5), Computer Operation/TL11-14 (1), Detect Lies-13 (2), Diplomacy-12 (1), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL11-13 (1), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-15 (4), Fast-Talk-13 (1), Forgery/TL11-11 (1), Holdout-13 (1), Intimidation-15 (4), Law-14 (4), Merchant-14 (2), Psychology-12 (1), Scrounging-13 (0.5), Streetwise-13 (1).


New Garavaran-14, Thral (M/A, common alien race)-12 (0.5), Kestralian (fairly common alien race, M/A)-12 (0.5), Irari (fairly common alien race, M/A)-12 (0.5), Sparrial (fairly common alien race known for smuggling, M/A)-12 (0.5)



Customs is Customs. Remove Electronic Operations (Sensors) and put all those points into Holdout - Silvia can spot a contraband pea in the middle of a cargo of featherbeds . . . Other tech skills also go, and are placed into either Holdout, or more levels of Acute Vision (or a level or two of Acute Taste and Smell). Beam Weapons probably turns into something like Knife. Her Addiction may be to some IQ or Vision-boosting alchemical concoction - either the point cost goes way up, or she's addicted to only a weekly (or monthly) dose: divide the cost of the elixir by the number of days she can go without it.


Alter the tech-levels of various skills, and probably increase Holdout at the expense of El. Ops. (Sensors), though only by a point or two. Change the Addiction to Nicotine (she becomes a chain-smoker), and find some other annoying five-point disad.

Near Future:

Again, alter the TLs of skills. The Addiction may or may not change to something safer.

Silvia Hyde is the sort of customs agent that smugglers can deal with - for a suitable "Customs' Fee" (in credits, IQ Adders, or other trinkets that Silvia likes), she can be persuaded to go over one's cargo with a very casual scanner. Those who don't pay her off (or who annoy her sufficiently) will discover that she's not bad with that multiscanner of hers, and can probably point to various laws on the books that make nearly anything require an import fee.

Silvia, fortunately for her, is not stupid, and generally makes sure that her little "hints" about contributions to the Customs' Agents' Retirement Fund won't go recorded (she'll scan for audio-pickups and various other microphones, for instance), and that if there's a chance of getting caught, she's been subtle enough to beat the rap.

Depending on whether they tick her off or not, PCs with shady agendas will either like or detest her.

Typical Quotes:

"Let's see, import tax, foodstuffs tax, customs fee . . . Oh, thank you. Yeah, looks like your paperwork's in order."

"Hold up, there - I haven't scanned your carry-all yet."

"What a strange reading on my scanner. See? Last time I saw a reading like this, there was a hollow bulkhead. Very odd design. You don't have any of those, right? Right. I didn't think so. Oh, look, it's not showing that reading anymore - must have been a glitch."

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