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Sherinford "Sheri" Holmes

Private Investigator

Total: 100 points

Five-foot-eight, straight black hair (cut short), gray eyes, pale skin. Probably in her 30's.


(-10) ST 9
(30) DX 13
(45) IQ 14
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d-1, Speed 5.75, Move 5

Advantages (20 points):

Absolute Direction, Beautiful.

Disadvantages (-25 points):

Enemy (Various Veeps in the Organization, rarely; -10 points), Fear of Reptiles (mild), Sense of Duty (Clients, friends; -5 points).

Quirks (-5 points):

Quotes Sherlock Holmes canon; Nicknamed "Ice Goddess" for a reason; Particularly goes after drug-lords; Professionally paranoid; Doesn't talk about her past.


New Garavaran-14, Thral (M/A, Common alien race)-12 (0.5), Kestralian (M/A, Common alien race)-12 (0.5).


Acting-14 (2), Area Knowledge (New Garavar)-13 (0.5), Beam Weapons (laser)/TL11-14 (0.5), Beam Weapons (sonic)/TL11-15 (1), Computer Operation/TL11-13 (0.5), Criminology/TL11-13 (1), Detect Lies-14 (4), Diplomacy-12 (1), Disguise-14 (2), El. Ops. (Security Systems)/TL11-13 (1), El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-13 (1), Escape-10 (0.5), Fast Draw (Pistol)-13 (1), Fast-Talk-13 (1), First Aid/TL11-13 (0.5), Holdout-13 (1), Interrogation-12 (0.5), Judo-14 (8), Karate-13 (4), Law-12 (1), Forgery/TL11-12 (1), Piloting (Aircar)/TL11-13 (2), Piloting (Space Shuttle)/TL11-12 (1), Research-14 (2), Shadowing-13 (1), Savoir-Faire-13 (0.5), Stealth-13 (2), Streetwise-14 (2), Xenology-11 (0.5).



Sheri could be a good spy, a specialist in the city guard, or hang out a shingle like her namesake. Change tech skills to fit - in particular, Electronic Operations (Security Systems) will turn into Lockpicking, Piloting becomes Riding, and at least one of her BeamWeapons skills goes into something like Knife or Fencing. Literacy becomes an advantage.


Change tech levels, substitute Driving for Piloting (Aircar), and Piloting (plane) for Piloting (Space Shuttle). Substitute Lockpicking for Electronic Operations (Sensors), probably.

Near Future:

Sheri could be a corporate spy or a freelance investigator. Alter tech levels, and if she's attached to a Corp., add a Duty/Patron arrangement. (Or at least the Duty, depending on how much the Corp. wants to back her up at times . . . )

Sherinford Holmes certainly operates under an assumed name ("Sherinford" was originally to be the name of that esteemed master, Sherlock), but aside from being a fan of the Holmes canon, doesn't show signs of Obsessions or Delusions. What she does show is a tendency to get involved in things that the Organization would rather not have messed with - at one point, while investigating a missing-person case, she found ("stumbled upon" is a little too clumsy) a drug-smuggling ring, and proceeded to break it up . . . by stealing the ship that they were smuggling their cargo in, and piloting it to the center of the New Garavaran main starport. Less spectacularly, she's managed to annoy New Garavaran Organization lowlifes off and on for several years, and occasionally makes life miserable for the Veep (Very Important Person, usually - occasionally, "Vice President" as in second in command to the Boss) in charge of New Boston (the New Garavaran colony's first city, and site of the biggest starport). Much to his annoyance, whenever he gets really upset, Sheri delegates her work to fellow P.I.s, and lights off for parts unknown, not coming back to her office for months, by which time it's become less than cost-efficient to keep watch there.

It's entirely possible that she has some kind of grudge (which she never speaks about) against druglord-types, and organized crime in general. The Organization has certainly developed a grudge against her, though she never manages to be quite dangerous enough to bring all possible effort to bear on her extermination. She's probably got clones and braintapes, too . . .

She comes by her nickname of "Ice Goddess" quite honestly; despite her appearance (which she doesn't seem to notice as anything out of the ordinary), she's a very "hands-off" sort, who has a decidedly negative reaction towards people who get Lecherous towards her. She almost qualifies for "No Sense of Humor" at first glance, but she does have some subtle (and often mildly sadistic) notions of what's funny.

She's occasionally worked in concert with other Private Investigators [such as Met-sho, the Fasan], either tailing a subject, or providing a distraction (though never one that acknowledges her highly attractive appearance), or occasionally gathering some data that the other wanted. Sheri's most likely to get mixed up in the affairs of PCs if they're in the middle of something illegal, as she seems to start poking around such things with little provocation; she probably uses the cash from the well-paying cases to fund her own interests. She's most interested in organized crime, though, and might actually be persuaded to look a different direction if a group were truly working towards some "higher goal." Depending on the goal, the GM might be able to saddle the group with an "advisor," who wanted to make sure that everything was aboveboard in the end . . . If the PCs really were trying to get dirt on a corrupt businessman, or after righteous revenge, or something similar, Sheri could be quite useful. If they were just trying to fast-talk their way out of a Situation, they may be understandably unhappy.

Typical Quotes:

"The game's afoot!"

"I won't take but a moment of your time, Mr. Jonson."

"If you want your arm broken, leaving your hand there is a good start."

"Elementary, my dear Fasan!"

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