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Jason "Dr Dred" Freeman

Psionic (PK, EK, ESP) Super

Total: 250 points
[Created by Ian Turner]

Attributes(105 CP):

ST: 10 (0)
DX: 10 (0)
IQ: 15 (60)
HT: 14 (45)

Advantages (15 CP):

High Pain Threshold (10), Lightning Calculator (5)

Super Advantages (176 CP):

Psychokinesis Power 16 (Instant +20%, Only to Affect Objects, Not living things -20%) (80), ESP Power 10 (Instant +20%) (36), Electrokinesis Power 10 (Instant +20%) (60)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Major Delusion: the City is alive (-15), Mild Agoraphobia (-10), Sense of Duty: the City (-10), Pacifism: Cannot Kill (-15), Miserliness (-10), Struggling Wealth (-10), Compulsive Generosity (-5), Kleptomania (-15), Overconfidence (-10)

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills (36 CP):

Running 1-12, Throwing 2-9
Climbing 2-10, Stealth 2-10
Brawling 1-10, Jumping 1-10
English 0-15, R/W: English 0-14
Computer Hacking 4-14
R/W: Spanish 1-13, Law 1-13, Computer Programming 4-15, Mathematics 1-13, Engineer: Electrical 1-13
Spanish 1-14, Survival: Urban 2-15, Streetwise 1-14, Architecture 2-15, Mechanic: Gas Engine 1-14, Elec Ops: Sec Systems 1-14, Elec Ops: Comm 1-14,
Scrounging 1-15, Area Knowledge: the City 2-16, Computer Ops 1-15, First Aid 1-15

Psionic/Super Skills (22 CP):

Telekinesis 6-16, PK Shield 2-14, Levitation 1-13, Pyrokinesis 1/2-12, Cryokinesis 1/2-12
Psychometry 2-14, Precognition 2-14, Clairvoyance 1-13, Clairaudience 1-13, Seekersense 1-13
Cyberpsi 1-13, Surge 1-13, Dampen 1-13, Photokinesis 1-13, Lightning 1-13

Jason is a young man of Haitain descent, although he hardly knows his actual parents, so his connection to the culture and language of his ancestors is limited at best. He grew up on the streets, raised by "working girls" who were friends of his mother, who apparently died as a result of some heroin one of them gave her. Out of a sense of guilt perhaps, the women who watched her convulse and dragged her into a nearby alley to avoid the consequences of calling an ambulance or the police, kept Jason fed and always kept a place on the floor for him to crash. He grew up intimately connected to the power of the streets, and soon he could feel that power. The drugged-out prostitutes hardly kept track of his coming and goings, sporadically making sure that he was eating and going to school. He was smart enough not to let any of them help him with his homework, but he still dropped out when he was 16, realizing that interacting with the well-groomed sheep in the school system was deafening him to the voice that had kept him alive, the voice of the city. He soon grew to understand the city and be able to animate and control the machines that were its flesh and bones.

He tends to stay to himself, but the street people all know him and know not to mess with him, as he will help a homeless man find a warm place to curl up or a bite to eat, but he will also terrorize any gangsta or thug that moves against the street people or vandalizes the city. No car or bike can escape him, they always stall, or worse, steer their passengers straight to him. Guns jam, things fall from overhead, streetlights burn out and loose bits of debris hurl themselves at those who offend him.

The local gangs are aware that Dr Dred thinks the City is alive, and when he is around, they fear that he is right . . .

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