Hacker Product Data on Hacker II

Hacker II is a supplement to Hacker. It's not playable alone. It adds new and evil rules – Viruses, the Internet Worm, outdials, multiple accounts, Black Ice, and Military Hardware (hot new gadgets you're NOT supposed to have).

Plus consoles and tokens for 2 more players!

Components include rulebook, 55 cards, 157 marker chips, 2 console units, and lots of other markers to support the various new rules. Some of the cards are blank so you can write your own hacks!!

Even though it's just a supplement, Hacker II won the Origins Award for Best Modern Boardgame of 1993.

Again, Hacker II is not a stand-alone product. Get Hacker first.

Price: Free! • Stock number 1319 • ISBN 1-55634-277-2
In Production

The Creators:

Designed by Steve Jackson • Cover art by Jeffery K. Starling


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